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  • MojoWorkin MojoWorkin Mar 23, 2012 1:39 AM Flag


    Pritzi, your clip is funny, AND makes me think….Mojo will be your father errrrrrr "yo Daddy", if you’ll be my "Sugar Moma"!!....yea, I took the "chauk" on our bets, little miss Ding A Ling….but sometimes that’s who covers…..speaking of Ding A Ling, as in "Cha Ching".....I’ll tell you something I did though….I got all over your Elite Eight picks from the other day….especially the Louisville Cards!!!.....I bet sizable amounts, money line, on all four of your picks for tonight, which ALL came through!!!!….the fact that you liked them so much, made me think you must have researched them and found something….I don’t know what was more fun, winning the money, or telling folks at the book that I got the picks from a sweety, that I met on a Nascar MB!!!.....I told them that you call them "April Ab$urditie$"!!!!.....and they also fell out when I told them that you kicked my a$$ in a football league……anyway, I made enough for us to get a NURU Massage, AND go to the Green Door!!!!.....it looks like we are going to be tied 2-2 against the spread, on our bet, going into tomorrow, I’ll try to "take it easy" on you :)....before I forget, "Miss Pickinstien" what’s your take on the Bears and the Tarheels?....Mojo "keep those "dogs that win outright" coming, my hot little NURU partner" Workin PS: Wow Dollface!!!....this is better than sex!!!!.....well, at least better than sex with the "Palm Sisters"!!!.....


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