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  • Pritzi Pritzi Mar 20, 2012 10:09 AM Flag


    Don’t be too impressed…you are kinda notorious for multiple ID’s …it was not a complete shot in the dark :) You would be correct on me not doing my homework due to all the Madness….how can you not watch!!! What is the bet to be over? NCAA picks or Nascar? Define the parameters because if we are playing for avatars/ "name" changes….I could step it up major!!!! I’m thinking…..CujoPoopin for you….hehehehehe….this could be FUN Mojo!!!!

    I hate putting out picks cause I get so superstitious over it but I’m really just that way over the South but I’m thinking Wildcats vs. Bears, East Orange vs. Bucks , West Cards vs. Gators & Mid Tarheels vs. Jays. The Bears are really hot & we sure did dodge a hurdle when Duke fell & I do feel strong about them over Xavier. However, Kentucky is loaded!!! But I sure was into that Indiana game…talk about taking the lead at the appropriate time. I would like to see Baylor do well especially after all that PJ3 mess…I didn’t agree with it at all. Between college & the Mavs & gearing up for the Rangers…I’m just not doing as much on racing as I should…but it is only temporary. Thanks for clueing me in on HF Jr & Sr… : )= Interesting little fact on the Kingdome…did not know that one. Hash out the rules for this bet thing….I’m all over it :)


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