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  • brtringgary brtringgary Feb 28, 2012 11:19 AM Flag

    Points distribution

    is there someware in the stats for
    the race that you can go to see a
    breakdown of how yahoo comes up
    with driver points? i know there is bonus
    points for leading a lap and most laps led
    but what are they? for example
    biif finishes 3rd jr is 2nd biff gets 12 more points
    than jr or burton and menard are 5th and 6th
    they both get more points than jr
    hamlin is 4th and gets 4 more than kenseth
    who wins the race and 16 points more than jr
    in 2nd
    i dont get it

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    • http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/sports/fantasysports/racing/rules/rrules-09.html

      Each driver can receive a maximum of 90 fantasy points during each race. The top 45 finishers receive points, with the winning driver getting the maximum 90, and other drivers receiving 2 fewer points for every spot they finish behind the leader (e.g, the second-place driver gets 88 points, the third-place driver gets 86).

      You receive the total points earned by all active drivers on your team provided that they haven't already been active in nine races (see the Maximum Starts section for more information).

      Bonus points are awarded to each of the drivers with the four best starting positions after qualifying. The top qualifier receives 10 bonus points, the second receives 5, the third receives 3, and the fourth receives 1. Because qualifying for Daytona 500 is broken up over 2 days, these bonus points are not awarded for the Daytona 500.

      An additional 10 bonus points are awarded to each driver who leads at least one lap during a race. The driver leading the most laps during a race will also earn another 10 bonus points. To earn these bonus points for your fantasy team, a driver must be on your team and active during the race.

      If a race is officially canceled, no fantasy team will receive any points for that race. All other scoring rules stay the same. If qualifying or a race is delayed or postponed, no points will be awarded until the event (qualifying or the race) is completed. If qualifying is canceled, the starting grid is determined by practice speeds. If practice was also canceled, then the starting grid is determined by Sprint Cup points standings. Either way, no qualifying bonus points will be awarded.


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