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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Feb 17, 2012 3:30 PM Flag

    #48 Car - Chad in trouble?

    Jimmie Johnson's Daytona 500 car did not pass inspection - Unapproved seat posts were confiscated. It is possible Chad will start the season on suspension....

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    • You are correct. I'ma hafta eat what I said earlier, the infraction was performance enhancing. According to the report I just watched, the configuration of the 48 would have reduced air on the spoiler. So, a fine would be expected from what I heard...but I still don't believe Chad will face any suspension. JMOHO...

    • One small correction. That would be the "C" post.
      A post=side supports for windshield on each side
      B post/pillars=upright posts at back edge of door or right behind driver on each side
      C post=supports rear windshield on each side

      So, the problem lies in the sections to each side of the rear windshield. We might not know exactly what nascar didn't like until the week after the completion of the 500. It could be one of those grey areas where CC's like to play. Or where they're forced to play, more to the point. I have to wait and see.

      These things are always looked upon in a negative way, so it's a lose, lose deal from the start. But the CC's go there. And they aren't likely to stop any time soon.

      And when you play, you pay...if they catch you.

    • and minus points. with his history he might not be on the box for a while. cheater shouldn't even have a job anymore!!!

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      • When the rules you run by change every year, and you don't test the limits; then you are always going to be second at best.
        No determination has been made on the seriousness of the infraction. This isn't a point race, so if you're going to try something you may as well try it here. These guys work hard to win, I see no consequences forthcoming for the 48 team; just a little extra work to pass inspection tomorrow.

        Chad has no worries....


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