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  • MoToR® MoToR® Feb 11, 2012 2:13 PM Flag


    got Osama: With intelligence he spoke very badly about gained by the Bush Admin. He did nothing but allowed the generals to carry out the plan they brought to him. In other words he just got out of the way.

    unemployment rate down to 8.5: using phoney numbers because millions just dropped out of the work force. millions of jobs have been lost and few have been generated. How do you get these numbers are lower, count less people.

    22 months of growth? 1.6 million jobs crated? where in china? Not one tax hike in 3 years?
    The funniest of all "By merely being smart, dignified, calm, cool, and Black, brought out spoken and unspoken RACISM in the GOP" He is the only one ever screaming someone is racist. he is perpetuating racial tention only to propell the black voters to vote skin. instead of the fact they are finding it the hardest to find work. What has he done for the black man other than give them others people's money?

    I don't need to go on because you showed you drink the BS they serve you. When did a president ever have the power to attack a religious freedom? when did a president ever have the authority to dictate to an insurance company they had to give away free services. You post shows you have not bit a thought process and you just buy anything someone tells you.

    I just can't stop myself though.

    Same wife means nothing. Bill Clinton is still married to Hilary.
    can flat out sing: good to see he can actually do something......
    saved the auto industries? used american dollars to line union pockets and anyone who invested hard earned money in the company lost it. violated the rule of law not allowing them to go through bankruptcy like they should have.
    assisted in ousting Ghaddafi? Did he suit up and fight? is that country now going to hell in a hand basket now because of it?
    Recieved peace prize. Ha Ha Ha for what? he did nothing and awarded it for achievements to come. He gets it and invades countries ousting leaders as you brag about. Making the noble peace prize a bigger joke than it was. way to promote peace with war. LMAO!
    Mortgage mods to cost banks more money. to help people who can't afford their homes because they can't find a job and bought too much house. if unemployment is at 8.5 why do we need mortgage modifications?
    Still fighting for middle class families? in what way?
    Reformed affordable health care? Obviously you don't pay for insurance and live off the government for your healthcare. There is not one thing affordable about what he did to the greatest health care in the world........ My rates have yet to drop they keep increasing at the same time deductibles are also increasing. Quit eating the government cheese.

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