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  • Raceboy Raceboy Feb 10, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

    Join me at midnight

    We'll watch my age turn over to 61. Won't that be exciting?

    It will be to me. It will put me two years beyond my expiration date.

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    • Have a Great Birthday Mr. Raceboy !!!


    • Happy BDay

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      • Thanks, John. Uh...the party is still goin. I just needed a little cat nap to get myself rested up. Got my second wind and ready for a rip roarin day.
        My wife's BD is the 5th and mine the 11th, so she takes off for the week and we party all week.lol
        Okay, we used to party all week. Now there's a lot of napping scattered around with the partying.
        But our hearts are still in it even if the body won't deliver.lmao

    • Oh yeah, the injuries sustained in the original wreck included three compound fractures (bones poke through the skin) of my r. femur, r. tibia, and r. fibula. All three leg bones.

    • Joanie, all that is very true for folks that have lived a "normal" life.
      I have not lived a normal life. I've been living with a disability since I was 18 years old following a motorcycle accident that busted me up pretty bad. A Dr that later did open heart on me said that in 1969, when the accident happened, only 15% of people in accidents of my type ever made it alive to reach the ER. Of that 15% that made it to ER alive, only 5% of those lived.
      The open heart was from me spinning through the air after impact with the car and this "acceleration trauma" caused an aneurysm on the aorta of my heart. It grew over the years and in '90 they had to cut it out and graft tissue to replace the tissue removed. Had I let it go, it would have eventually exploded. I also have atrial fibrillation for which I take meds to regulate the beat of my heart.
      Arthritis set in early and continues to deteriorate.
      I have broken the r. femur 3 times now and have a titanium rod the length of that bone (inside it).
      So, to capsulize (I know, too late lol), I have the body of about an 85 year old.
      I left out a fair amount of stuff, but that will come out a bit at a time.
      Leave it to say that I have had 7 major surgeries including open heart when I was only 39 years old where they cut around the rib cage from the front to the back and removed a rib to do the open heart instead of the standard through the front (chest) methods.

    • : ).....

    • Thanks, Razor - Young Miss is, for sure....more&more anymore, on my part, I feel like I'm just keeping the act up, LOL. Dang, I need to reset. But Thank You & LYMI! Like No One Else.

    • Yeah! He had a crazy look in his eyes and they glazed over when he noticed my long hair (I'm and old redneck hippie, you know) at which point he made a lunge for me, but slipped on icing or I'd have been a goner!!! Nuthin like a close call to get your heart pumpin.

    • Raceboy - You've got another 20 years before you can rightly call yourself old.

      In this day & age, 60's is only *old* in comparison to someone else - I mean, Look around - your peers are David Letterman & Oprah Winfrey - altho', I don't care much for either of them (after all, they're OLD, LOL - JUST KIDDING!).....

      Seriously, in this day & age - as long as people have decent heredity & agood attitude, and stay active and take care of themselves, they can't REALLY claim "old" until they hit 80. Or, unless they smoke all their lives - that seems to be a killer.

      I mean, Look at Morgan Shephard, Brad Teague, Geoff Bodine - all older than you (I think - how old is Brad?) and still racing in NASCAR when called upon - Morgan regularly - Geoff has sponsorship for a number of SPRINT CUP races with Luke & Associates this year - he just needs to find a team he wants to race with (he tried TBR last year & didn't like the fit.)

      Unless you get hit with serious health problems or have bad heredity OR a bad attitude so you just let yourself rot - you cain't say old for another 20 years.

      Sorry - you're SOL there.

    • joanie...between you and young miss....you're batting a 1000 girl

    • Happy Birthday Raceboy. I heard a crazy Indian jumped out of your cake.

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