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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Feb 9, 2012 5:49 PM Flag

    Board Freedom of Speech

    Okay Kiddos -

    We all know there are a couple-three trolls (altho' I haven't seen *l* lately) who will do anything negative to get our attention - and we don't give it, so they get more&more desperate.

    So, *it*/they have reverted to the childish thing of trying to multi-rate posts off the board -

    (- giving three one-star rating will give a post an average visual *one-star* rating - which will make the post (and/or thread) INvisible to most people who don't visit the board regularly, as they will have the *default* setting of "Only show topics rated at least: 2 stars".)

    Most of us are completely not bothered by this, as we know assholes will be assholes, but for people looking for leagues or topics, it means they can't see the leagues or topics that are rated by these jackasses using multiple profiles to rates multiple times.

    Since this is a form of censorship, I think those of us familiar with this petulantly childish bid to irritate us, should counter-rate those things non-regs might like to see until the regular season begins, when we see something "one-starred off the board", if it is not offensive to us - especially if it just a league advert or NASCAR discussion - until the regular season starts - so non-regs visiting the board can see all pertinent posts/threads.

    Just to support freedom of speech.


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    • thin skinned need not apply....lol

    • Yeah - never mind, LOL....

      Best thing to do, just just stick with the discussions that interest you until you can sort it out.....this place has no moderator, so it is like a social experiment, LOL....But, Seriously! It IS!!!!!!!!!!

      It gets pretty crazy - you can trust NASCAR NATION, tho - as I said in a post above, The Man (Dave Norris) who created it made it specially as a moderated safe-haven from this place - it now has about 1000 members, I do believe....

      This place is not for the faint of heart, LOL....

    • Just one of The Regs - I happen to be around tonight.

      You want the low-down on anything, ask MoToR.

      If you like a good NASCAR social network, another Reg, Dave Norris, created an awesome site called "NASCAR NATION" a couple years back as a sanctuary from all the BS out here - it now has about 1000 members. He honestly started it for the few of us who were sick to death of dealing with the craziness here, and it has blossomed - just, we still come here for thread-type discussion:

      its coming up with this url for me right now, but I think http://nascarnation.us/ should work:


    • WOW !!! your the board Guru, with more info that a cat-scan.

    • Yes, Sam - that is what it is - it is called a "ratings war" out here.

      The trolls make one-star ratings, and the Good Peeps counter it with 5-star ratings.

      Wally ( A Regular poster out here) started a thread earlier tonight saying he thought Yahoo! should do away with the rating option out here, as it is simply manipulated and misused.

      Anyone who has been here awhile knows that, as a rule, during the NASCAR season, the lower the rating, the better the post!

      I once did a search for threads rated five stars (you can do that with the ratings option box, which I explained previously) - and there were only threads that had five-star ratings at the time - two had been deleted for obscenity, and the other should have been, LOL....(threads and posts that have been deleted still show up in the index, but if you click on them, they say, "deleted")

    • JoanieReb, is there a way to see who's trashing our messages ???

      • 1 Reply to Sam
      • No, but there is no reason to: Everyone who knows the board knows who is doing it - there are three trolls whom have at least 22 profiles between them that they rate from - and, they do it indiscriminately.

        Their simple mission is to mess with people out here, no matter who it is (nothing personal, they just want to mess with people) - one of them openly stated that his mission was to destroy this board. (Because, some of us have tight friendships and go to races together and talk here as well as on the phone and at NN - a GREAT place to join for good NASCAR social networking - http://nascarnation.us - but, it lacks the thread type of discussion we have here, which we like; and, they are just creeps - we've tried to befriend & reason with them, but they are simply trolls.)

        AND, there is no moderator here, and, they have been IP banned from moderated sites.....so they come here to try and mess with people.

        One openly stated that it was his mission to destroy this board. Another is his partner-in-crime, and genuinely seriously troubled, I don't say that lightly - it's not your *normal* troll, but someone seriously unbalanced. The third is just a troll on his own.

        So, they do anything they can to cause problems on this board, whether someone deserves it or not.

        Those of us who know the board well & use it throughout the NASCAR season just ignore them, and have set our default settings so they can't interfere with our threads - but *Silly Season*, when people who don't visit the board regularly are recruiting for their leagues, is "Open Season" for them - which is why I started this thread.

    • Well; I have to admit. I saw a post of yours the other day and put you on ignore list, then later when my post were disappearing for these very reasons, I unignored you, and now you came through with something smart. Kudos. I do agree with you here redneck girl.

    • well now anyone whose read this board for awhile knows to change the setting to show stuff with a one-star rating, its like, the one-star stuff is the best stuff, like, you put a paper bag on the butterfaces with the tits you dont want to miss.

    • Yeah, I've been one star'd enough lately I about stopped posting, not that I post that often anyway. But I got one star for posting a song with some meaning the other day within an hour of posting it, and I thought it was a good post. Makes ya wonder what makes folks like that so miserable in their lives that they just have to take everything out on people having discussions on a chat board.
      On one hand I'd like to find out who they are so I could refer some help to them.
      On the other hand.. and I guess this one's a LOT bigger,..I wish I knew where I could find the jerk and just go have a good old fashioned discussion to voice my displeasure with their tactics; I don’t reckon there would be much talking. I guarantee if that meeting ever happened, the board would clean up pretty damn quick!
      Chicken sh!ts like this won’t show their face though. It’s too easy to be a coward with a keyboard and a high value of their own opinion. And the really fascinating part is that they believe they are somehow getting under our skin!! At least I don't have to read their moronic responses, there's a really good button to push for that.
      Sure, I’d like to knock some sense into the idiot…but damn; that’s just the way I handle folks too dumb to take a hint and have a little respect for others.
      Like a bunch of little roaches, no respect..just no respect!! LMAO

    • Look at all the pretty stars, LOL!

      *It* is gonna get carpel tunnel syndrome from signing in-and-out of different profiles - and all for naught!

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