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  • Raceboy Raceboy Feb 8, 2012 7:28 PM Flag

    Oldster Racers Face Off

    There is another cool game available and the Oldster Racers have a league set up to join.
    It's at nascar.com and the link is on the right side of the home page. Sign up with the Face Off game and then go to the public groups and find Oldster Racers and join up.

    It's a great game. Fun to play and easy. They give you ten driver pairings each race and you decide which of each pairing will FINISH ahead of the other. You can then arrange them in the order of how confident you are in each choice. The one you are most confident in goes to the top in position ten. Then the next most confident choice in ninth and so on.
    Or you can leave them in the order they are posted.

    I've found that they provide some information that helps in making my choices for the Yahoo game too.

    Come join the fun!!!

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    • Last call.
      Recruiting officially finished. The league is open all season to new members.

      Thank you to those of you that joined Oldster Racers in the Face Off game. I hope we kick some butt!!!

      Good luck to all and have a great season!!! Se ya'll on our league MB.

    • Oh the shame of it all...knocked off the front page to the top of the second page. How on earth will all those second page challenged people ever find us now?

      "What a revoltin' predicament this turned out to be."
      Quote of signature line ending episodes of '50's TV show "The Life of Reilly".

      We need YOU!!! It's a fun game that you won't be sorry you joined!
      nascar.com/fantasy games/Face Off/public groups/Oldster Racers

      Sign up with us, we need players!!!


    • We now have 40 players in the Oldster Racers and would you believe we're STILL on the front page?

      We need more players to keep us there. I see at least one of the league I was in last year has signed on with us.

      We need players!!! We're in the Public Groups at nascar.com/Face Off game.

    • For those late to the party. Be a part of our first year as Team Oldster Racers!
      Win the season championship in Oldster Racers and win a trophy!!!

    • Still recruiting for the Face Off game. Don't deny yourself a little extra fun for the season.

      And we DO want to stay on the front page of Public Leagues. I mean, how many folks bother with the second page?lol

      Come join us, it's a fun game to play.

    • We're working to a goal of at least 50 players. We're at 31 now!!!

      Give us a hand and sign up with the Oldster Racers!!!

      50 players and this becomes a trophy league with the overall winner getting said trophy.

    • I still need players. It's fun and different to play than the "pick a team" style formats.

      Go to nascar.com and find the fantasy games, go to Face Off and join the public group Oldster Racers.

      It's explained in posts above (the original post).

      Sign up today and avoid the last minute rush.lol

    • It's time for me to up the ante.

      Instead of 100 players by the start of the Daytona 500, I am making it 50 players and I will provide a trophy for the overall winner of the Oldster Racers in the Face Off game at nascar.com.

      So, there you have it. Twenty more teams by the 26th at noon Eastern time and this is a trophy league!!!

      Tell your friends!!! We can do this!!!

      And I already have a trophy design in my head.;-)

    • We're still just barely hanging on to the front page.

      Thanks to our latest players!!!

      We're now at 29 and need lots more players!!!

      Oldster Racers at the Face Off game on nascar.com!!!

      Come join the fun!!!

    • Thanks to the player that signed on overnight! You kept us on the front page!
      There's still work to do. We are the last league on the front page and it's going to take several more players to keep us there.

      So, recruit 'til yer pooped!!!LOL
      We need a bunch more and time is running out!!!

      Let's keep Oldster Racers on top!!! We're kind of representing some folks at the MB here and, to me, NN as well.

      Let's kick some butt this year!!!!!

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