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  • AJ Turtle AJ Turtle Apr 10, 2012 1:29 AM Flag

    booze,beer & beyond

    The Justice System itself was prefounded on the fact that we are innocent until proven guilty. I see that disappearing from the fabric of our daily lives. Are we all wanting justice or not? The fact that criminals are so able to defy the law anymore, is unreal! We have the facts before us, and they slip away! This same misuse of the "TRUTH" allows for others to escape the grasp of "JUSTICE" everyday. The system is fine, but the people who are controlling it are corrupt. There is to much dirty laundry to effectively clean up the mess! Superman! You don't stand a chance. The American way is gone. No more Truth, Justice, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, or a good running car, Chevy or Ford! It's all went to HELL.


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