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    I just made an Oldster Racers group for the Face Off fantasy game at nascar dot com. The links are all on the front page of the site.
    Click through to join and then find Oldster Racers in the list of groups and join.
    There are ten pairs of drivers and you pick which driver of each pair you believe will finish ahead of the other. Then you can arrange them in the order of how confident you are in your choices. The most confident is in position 10 and the least confident goes in position 1.
    You're scored for your correct choices and get the points corresponding with the pick.
    If you got 10, 5, 3, 2, & 1 correct, your score for that week is 21. The most possible points in a week is 55.
    They change the pairings race by race.
    Fun game!!! Come join Oldster Racers. All ages are welcome.

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