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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Jan 28, 2012 10:55 AM Flag


    First off I would like to apologize for all the drama I took part in on your no drama thread yesterday. It has been eating at me bro...

    Secondly, I did some research on our discussion pertaining to immigrants paying taxes. It floored me how wrong I was!!! 9 billion dollars paid in, no returns filed in fear of prosecution... This shocked me and once again showed me I should do a little research before running my mouth.

    Basically saying I'm sorry for showing my ignorance brother. I'm glad you have thick skin man, most newbies bail by now! And I cannot speak for all the regs out here, but I am damn glad you have stuck it out!

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    • Nice post Goat!! Seems to me you have a heart of gold.........Motor picked a good friend in you :)

    • wow dude, thank you! I got goosebumps that wont stop. your words totally touched my heart. I really appreciate your open mind and willingness to consider another opinion. I feel like all the drama was worth it now. There has to be a middle ground on immigration that keeps the borders tight, keeps the bad people out, but allows good hard working people to work and contribute to our economy without fear while also helping their families back home, which in turn strengthens the economy of Mexico and makes it less likely people would want to come here in the first place.

      I appreciate the apology and apologize also. This just shows to me that i was right, people are good do for the most part have good intentions. This type of interaction is new for me and its not the same as a verbal discussion making it hard to understand peoples intentions and attitudes. I know my own sense of humor and easygoingness doesnt really come across in text the way it does in person.

      You really made my day dude, I'm glad I stuck around also. i enjoy a good debate or respectful discussion and theres no reason we cant have that here without the attitudes or animosities.

      Have a great day Goat.

    • DaGoat, are you talking about immigrants or illegal immigrants?

      A link to where you researched this subject could be eye opening.

      Heres a link to some other helpful info; http://immigrationcounters.com/

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      • that immigration encounter website is just inflated propaganda.

      • Well, here's another one.

        Tax burdens for illegals already exist since hospitals cannot refuse service to those in need. Of course it would be more cost efficient if they just went to a Dr., but they can't. Who pays the bill? You and I!

        A huge problem that is more complex than most seem to realize. Do I have the solution? Hell no!!! Do I want to be responsible for coming up with a plan that is humane but fiscally responsible as well? Hell no!!!

        I'm not a politician, but I do read the news every day. The folks running for office need to address issues such as this and be a little more specific in how they would address is instead of bobbing and weaving depending on who they are talking to.

        Oh yeah, pot may not be the healthiest smoke in town..but alcohol seems to create more health issues than pot! So; what's the big deal with all the starched collars not willing to legalize and tax it? National debt goes down, Mexican cartel’s don't have so much to fight over, fewer lives uselessly lost, less cost to the taxpayer for wasted police time, court time, jail time, feeding the sorry ass pot smokin' no good @$$hole, etc. etc.
        Don't give me a bunch of junk on how it opens the door to other drugs! The folks out there that want to smoke pot already are!

        Uhmm,....I'm sure there's something related to racing in there somewhere...

      • Very interesting link. I didn't fully understand the illegal immigration problem until I moved to the Southwest.

    • True...
      Hence my request that the leaders of this country, whether it be local, State, Congressional or the President stop sidestepping direct questions asking for direct replies to the issues at hand and give a direct answer.
      I'm done with this one, OK?? I shouldn't get started in political conversations.
      My apologies to all....

    • 10-4 dawg, have a great weekend !!!

    • Saying that Americans love meth is not putting down the country, it's just a fact. Trust me, I loved meth for many years back in the 80's and 90's, I know first hand how much we love meth. Americans fund the Mexican drug cartels with billions of dollars a year with their love for meth. Theres no money in weed anymore. If not for Americans love for meth and coke tens of thousands of Mexicans would not be killed each year in the fight to get the drugs across the border.

    • But I;m also not here to argue about politics so I'll drop it as well. Now if you want to argue about if the Busch brother suck or not I'm in. They do.

    • I grew up when Windowpane could be cut into chunks from a sheet of what looked like photographic film. Telluride is where we went to pitch our tent for the Jazz Festival! I waved at the Mayor on my way in to town wihile he was sitting on his chair overlooking main street, sippin' whiskey from a ceramic jug.

      He's likely dead by now and Telluride is a rich man's retreat. I remember spending a week with some other folks and our 4 wheel drives going over the mountain route to get there. That is a trip that is "NOT" for the faint of heart. LMAO.... A lot of fond memories of the days gone by...just glad I survived.

      Oh yeah...KB & KB both suck, so I reckon we have nothing further to discuss.


    • I started this thread yesterday and got so busy I didn't have a chance to do any follow up...

      The issue of illegal immigrants paying taxes then not filing a return in fear of prosecution makes sense to me. Because they are using false social security numbers and in order to keep these numbers flying under the radar, they have to pay in after all, Uncle Sam just wants the tax money, the rest of it isn't s concern as long as the cash keeps flowing their way.

      The actual amount can be scrutinized, but the fact remains the same. Pay your taxes, maintain a low profile, and you will just be another number in our society... We all know that's how this government rolls, legal or illegal citizens alike.

      Cash is king around here, that's the facts! The more money you pay their direction, the more justice you will receive. I don't care what ethnic background you hail from, that's the deal people! And deep down we ALL know it!

      Im not bashing America, just it's government...

    • Jim, You like to speak like your the spokesperson for everybody, your not ! You speak for yourself and at best the people you surround yourself with. You damn sure don't speak for the Americans I know. Making a blanketed statement about Americans like you did, is insulting my country. The Legal Americans that make up this country are America. The fact that you came on here and attempted to back up that comment says a lot about you.

      I've read your posts for a couple of weeks now and I have come to the conclusion that your not worth my time. You Punk-a$$ Drama Queen !!!

      With that said,
      Adios Pendejo


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