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  • Well, here's another one.

    Tax burdens for illegals already exist since hospitals cannot refuse service to those in need. Of course it would be more cost efficient if they just went to a Dr., but they can't. Who pays the bill? You and I!

    A huge problem that is more complex than most seem to realize. Do I have the solution? Hell no!!! Do I want to be responsible for coming up with a plan that is humane but fiscally responsible as well? Hell no!!!

    I'm not a politician, but I do read the news every day. The folks running for office need to address issues such as this and be a little more specific in how they would address is instead of bobbing and weaving depending on who they are talking to.

    Oh yeah, pot may not be the healthiest smoke in town..but alcohol seems to create more health issues than pot! So; what's the big deal with all the starched collars not willing to legalize and tax it? National debt goes down, Mexican cartel’s don't have so much to fight over, fewer lives uselessly lost, less cost to the taxpayer for wasted police time, court time, jail time, feeding the sorry ass pot smokin' no good @$$hole, etc. etc.
    Don't give me a bunch of junk on how it opens the door to other drugs! The folks out there that want to smoke pot already are!

    Uhmm,....I'm sure there's something related to racing in there somewhere...


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