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    Great 3 segment league. 2 spots left

    Chase the cup III
    The league is a 3 segment challenge. The Chase, Head to Head Elimination and 5 person team challenge. Rules for the head to head and 5 person team events will be posted in the league message box.
    Please be active!!!!! If you can’t post a team every week find another league. You will have team mates the you effect. Keep that in mind before signing up.

    This is not an elimination segment.
    All players will post a line-up and score points for the chase every week. All teams will rank 1-50 each week (based on 50 teams). The top 12 scoring will not change.
    Scoring for the Chase:
    1st- 43 points, 2nd- 42 points, 3rd- 41 points, 4th- 40 points, 5th- 39 points,
    all the way down to 43rd- getting 1 position point. Positions 44-50 will not score points.
    Bonus race points: 1st- 25 bonus points, 2nd- 15 bonus points, 3rd- 5 bonus points
    There will be no ties for a position. If two players have the same score they will split the position points. Example: tie for 4th and 5th. 40 + 39=79 points. Points will be added, and split. Each team will receive 39.5 points each.
    League segment will last for 26 weeks.
    Then the top 12 and ties will be in the Chase for the final 10 weeks.

    Group ID#
    Group Password

    This will be a round robin format. Meaning, all teams will play each other one time. 10 teams will play 9 weeks in the regular season.
    Teams will be divided into two divisions on 5 teams each.
    The top 3 teams in each division will make the play-offs.
    Teams will be seeded 1-6 for the play-offs.
    The winner of each division will get a bye in the first round of the play-offs.
    Seeds 4-6 will play. 3 will play 6 and 4 will play 5.
    Week 2: The 1 seed will play the high remaining seed and 2 will play low remaining seed.
    Championship match will be a best of 3 matches.

    Head to Head elimination begins with week 27 and end with week 34.
    You will be seeded after week 26 or the summer segment has finished.
    Every player will be seeded 1-50 depending on your ranking in the league after week 26.
    Number 1 will be the one seed down to 50th. If there’s a tie for position after week 26, I will go back and use your ranking in the league after week 13 or the spring segment.
    This is head to head. The winner moves on to the next week.

    Week one: The top 14 seeds will get a bye in week one. Teams ranked 15-50 will play. You will be paired according to your seed.

    Complete Rules on in the league message box.
    Just a few spots left!

    Group ID#

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