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    Jim, razor, & JoanieReb

    Razor invited Jim and JoanieReb to go on a boat outing, on his boat "The Lavender Queen".....they launched the "Queen" at Boner Beach....and headed for "Cornhole Cove".....but first they gassed up at "Horny Men Harbor"......Razor and Jim were wearing only lavender bikini underwear, and poorly apllied and smeared, bright Royal blue lipstick.....JoanieReb was wearing only a sweat stained tanktop with "I love Kyle Busch" on it, and a 14" strap-on.....the nasty trio were observed "sandwiching" Razor, with JoanieReb drilling all 14" up Razor's poop pipe.....while razor was slipping his boy sized 4" up Jim's glory hole.....they were saying things like: "gentlemen start your engines" and other racing stuff.....the whole lake area smelled like poop!!!......there was a string of crumpled paper towels with poop and spunk stains on them, strung for a mile behind the Queen in the lake.....

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