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  • Rapido Racing Rapido Racing Jan 25, 2012 8:51 PM Flag

    state of the union address on tonite

    if there were now undocumented people here working the fields and doing jobs that Americans wont do our economy would collapse. Are you going to pick lettuce for less than $3.00 an hour? No, youre not. youre going to demand insurance, vacation pay, workers comp, and at least 9 bucks an hour. And lettuce would be 12$ a head. Multiply that by thousands of hard labor jobs that white kids sure as hell wont do and inflation will skyrocket. Plus these people PAY TAXES. On their income and on everything they buy like clothes and gas. And they will never get any government assistance or receive benefits for paying those taxes in any way. The amount of undocumented people receiving any government assistance is minuscule compared to the millions of lazy Americans who collect welfare, ssi, disability, food stamps. Americans take advantage of government assistance and feel theyre privileged to these handouts. Immigrants come here and work hard for little money and no insurance and faced with hate everyday, and they do it without complaining. What do you expect us to do, deport 10 million people? How much will that cost? Whos going to round them up? We cant catch damn fellons have identifications. We, as a government and Americans have encouraged these people to come here for decades because we need the cheap labor. this country was built on the backs of immigrant laborers and our economy could not survive without the cheap labor even today. then we turn our backs on them and treat them like shit for doing our dirty work. it aint right.


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