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    Need active players!! Grea League. Will fill up..

    Chase the cup III

    The league is a 3 segment challenge. The Chase, Head to Head Elimination and 5 person team challenge. Rules for the head to head and 5 person team events will be posted in the league message box.
    Please be active!!!!! If you can’t post a team every week find another league. You will have team mates the you effect. Keep that in mind before signing up.


    This is not an elimination segment.
    All players will post a line-up and score points for the chase every week. All teams will rank 1-50 each week (based on 50 teams). The top 12 scoring will not change.
    Scoring for the Chase:
    1st- 43 points, 2nd- 42 points, 3rd- 41 points, 4th- 40 points, 5th- 39 points,
    all the way down to 43rd- getting 1 position point. Positions 44-50 will not score points.
    Bonus race points: 1st- 25 bonus points, 2nd- 15 bonus points, 3rd- 5 bonus points

    There will be no ties for a position. If two players have the same score they will split the position points. Example: tie for 4th and 5th. 40 + 39=79 points. Points will be added, and split. Each team will receive 39.5 points each.

    League segment will last for 26 weeks.
    Then the top 12 and ties will be in the Chase for the final 10 weeks.
    Each of the final 12 team will start 5000 points plus points for your position in the chase.
    Chase Bonus Points: 1st 60, 2nd 55, 3rd 50, 4th 45, 5th 40, 6th 35,
    7th 30, 8th 25, 9th 20, 10th 15, 11th 10, 12th 5
    The start of the Chase final 10 weeks will look like this:
    1st 5060 Points, 2nd 5055 Points, 3rd 5050 Points, 4th 5045 Points
    5th 5040 Points, 6th 5035 Points, 7th 5030 Points, 8th 5025 Points
    9th 5020 Points, 10th 5015 Points, 11th 5010 Points, 12th 5005
    The Chase scoring for the final 10 weeks: 1st 12 points, 2nd 11 points, 3rd 10 points, 4th 9 points, 5th 8 points, 6th 7 points 7th 6 points, 8th 5 points, 9th 4 points, 10th 3 points, 11th 2 points, 12th 1 points. Points are based on your finishing position in the Chase each week.
    Bonus Chase Points: 1st 25 points, 2nd 15 points, 3rd 5 points.

    No ties for positions! Points will be added and split just like the regular season.
    We will crown a Chase Champion the last week of the League.

    Group ID# 4395
    Group Name: The Chase III
    Group Password: 2020

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