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  • Raceboy Raceboy Jan 13, 2012 9:51 AM Flag

    Oldster Racers #726 fiftyplus

    A league for us old folks. ID# 726 Password: fiftyplus

    Welcome to all ages! We don't discriminate.

    Let's have a fun and competitive season!


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    • I've heard of him, but never closely followed his career. I have pockets of time that I didn't get to many concerts because of club gigging I was doing.
      I've gotten to meet some legends like Jerry Garcia. A friend and I were at Fillmore one night and saw him sitting on stacked up folding tables along a wall to the side of the stage. We made a bee-line to him and started a conversation. We ended up talking with him for 45 minutes about nothing but music. He even gave a music lesson of sorts by explaining how to count 11:8 time (because they did a song called The Eleven that is in that time).
      I also met and partied backstage with Mike Bloomfield, Nick Gravenites, and Southern Comfort. I was in a body cast and on a gurney and had full run of the stage. I was six feet from Mike front stage during their performance. Me and some friends in high school started a production company and we did a charity all day concert at the Berkeley Community Theater with Mike & company headlining and a bunch of Bay Area bands w/Maria Muldaur among the acts.
      We booked most of the bands we used for gigs through the Bill Graham Agency and got to sit across the desk from the man and negotiate deals. And we were in HS. Fun times.

    • Are you familiar with Ronnie James? Former front-man for Black Sabbath (after Ozzie left) and front-man for Dio until his death from stomach cancer not long ago? Before those gigs, he was lead singer for some epic bands from the 60's & 70's - I know their names if someone can bring them up, LOL - I think one was Rainbow and one was Elf - he was a *mystic* kind of rock-guy

      He was like, five-feet-two-inches - and had the voice of an opera giant, which he brilliantly applied to post-fifties-style rock during some of its formative years....

      In other words, I'm an admirer....even if that genre (mystic heavy metal) isn't really my thing....I like the harder, angrier stuff from that time....

    • That's a piece of trivia I didn't know. Cool. Thanks.

    • Joanie, why are you making Mojo sad???.....talk with me honey bunny.....I just might be "available".....you never thanked me for your HOF induction.....your studboy Mojo

    • Rock On!

    • save me a spot Raceboy. When I'm done working the boards I'll come over and push your wheelchair. lol

    • I got all caught up bumping other threads and dang near forgot about my own.LMAO

      Come one, come all!!!

      It's your chance to compete with a genuine lifetime race fan!!!
      I'll tell who it is after the season starts.lol

      Let's have some fun!!!!!

    • I'm getting reports that maybe batteries will be included. This will take some investigating.

      Film at eleven.

      Sign up in the meantime.

      #726 pw fiftyplus

    • This is going to be a fun season. Looking at records tells me that this league will have some strong competition.

      There is still room for more! Join us for a fun season of fantasy racing!!!

      Batteries not included

    • No pressure of possibly being dumped. You get to play the entire season.

      We're just past halfway. Only 24 spots to fill. They will fill by the start of the season. Get in now. Avoid the rush.

      I've been playing this fantasy game since 2000 and plan to keep on playing and returning with this league. Put down some roots!

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