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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 31, 2011 1:31 PM Flag

    Get out here Joanie

    Back to this game? Well you can't say I didn't try. Each of us walk our own road. Your's will be a lonely one it seems. Peace!


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    • Sorry this is affecting YOU MoToR.....don't think I haven't seen your efforts lately.....the "hate" is easer vidio, etc....I'm just surprized folks didn't "take your hints" to go with the Pritzi and the "new Mojo" way, of creating a harmonious MB....normally they listen to you.....you were classy enough to do your part....but a lot of these folks don't want a "nice" board.....all I'm doing here is reminding them of how the MB WAS.....and hopefully they can see the way some of us tried VERY hard to change it.....again, I hope you understand my tact, and don't take it personal.....I was wrong about you in a lot of ways.....come to find out....peace to you too.....PS: don't worry about me being lonely, when you are loved by the one's that count, you are not lonely.....

    • yep...a leopard never changes her spots....its sad but true

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      • You're right razor!!!....Joanie can't ever change her spots!!!!.....I put an offer out there, and she rejected it....she shoved it in my face!!!....she can come out here and talk about pineapple juice and swallowing, and porn, and other sick s h i t!!!....so if this is how she wants the board, fine, I'll take it back and make it the way it used to be.....SHE is the cause off this.....and you jocksniffers know it!!!....but you are afraid to cross your beloved "regs".....


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