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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Nov 28, 2012 6:06 PM Flag

    Geoff Bodine has sponsorship

    Posted THAT almost a year ago - Geoff's plans to race didn't work out last year, but once again, he has been offered sponsorship for any of the three NASCAR series this year, and has decided to retire:

    I can't post links here, I posted them on the other board - one was to his Incredible Wreck at Daytona in 2000 - it says a lot that ANYONE his age would still keep trying to race after THAT one - if you aren't familiar with it, I strongly suggest googling it - it is truly one of NASCAR's Most Spectacular Wrecks.

    This is from jayski (wish i could post the link here -

    " After more than 50 years of racing, 27 of those spent in NASCAR’s top three divisions, Geoff Bodine said he is ready to move on. He said Wednesday he has other priorities in life — his family, charity work, running his new Honda motorcycle dealership, and building the next generation of bobsleds for the U.S. Olympic team. Bodine is quick to point out he is not retiring. “I’m not using the word retirement because people misinterpret what you are saying,” he said. “I don’t want that word associated with me. I’m not retiring from life. I’m more active now than ever. I’m just not going to drive a race car anymore. That’s all.” Bodine began to rethink why he was still trying to race at the Sprint Cup level at the age of 63 after he suffered a lifetime of hard hits to his head, including a concussion from a spectacular Truck Series crash at Daytona International Speedway in 2000 that almost cost him his life. “I don’t know the definition of what a concussion is, but all I know is that I’ve been knocked out several times and have hit my head and jarred it several times really hard,” Bodine said. “I even got knocked out in high school football, so my head injuries started a long time ago. I’ve had all of those multiple concussions and they add up. You never know if the next one is going to put you down.” Bodine said he received a wake-up call last month when Dale Earnhardt Jr. sat out two NASCAR Sprint Cup races because of a concussion. “Dale Jr.’s situation kind of pushed me into making this decision,” he said. “I commend him for doing it because it takes a lot of courage and integrity to not race for two races. He realized his health was more important.” "


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