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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 21, 2011 11:37 PM Flag

    Make makes relevent again???

    I watched racing before Dodge got back in, it was one of those rainy day things and nothing else on times only though. I have openly admitted I have misses less than 1/2 a season over the 10 year span since Dodge came back. I have had nothing but Chrysler's since 91 and my son now drives my old 91 stealth. So at least one of my kids is staying on the Dodge band wagon for a bit. LoL. My daughter had a integra and now an altima. she has always been a rebel and since Dodge is the norm here. it can't be for her. LoL.

    Here is a little fact that many might not know. The 1st engine to power a model T was a Dodge. LoL. http://www.allpar.com/corporate/bios/dodge-brothers.html
    Gives new meaning to F'ed Over Rebuild Dodge doesn't it. LoL.



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