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  • MoToR® MoToR® Nov 17, 2011 1:31 AM Flag

    "Boy's have at it"

    What if it was the law on our roads? LoL. Could you imagine the insurance rates on owning a car?

    This stupid rule, not only is making a joke of the sport but may well be the reason so many sponsors are trimming their sponsorship dollars. How much do antics like Carl last year Kyle almost every year he's drove Kes, denny, Vickers, Kenseth, Stewart, Gordon, Jimmie, Kurt, juan, Robbie, hell who hasn't spun someone. Even Martin has been pushy. Intentionally wrecking the cars is not racing. Is not cheap and is going to lead to a BIG BLACK EYE one day. Boy's Have at it will be NASCARS demise. Then again the country knows wrestling is fake and it still sells. LoL. Letting stupidity happen and calling it racing is fake. Rubbin' is racin' but wrecking intentionally is going to intentionally wreck this sport. I really don't want to see this sport go down on the move of an idiot behind the wheel. I don't think authorities in many states will see intentionally wrecking a car causing a death just racing. I hope they see the liability they open themselves up too. They can't hide the fact from the police if they get a warrant for all the video of it. I hope it never happens but their stupid rule doesn't make them above the law of the land they race on.


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    • see the problem is you always "think" you're right. On this one your arguments make no sense. You argue about front yard football and Rick Perry. All I can say about Perry is you own him he was schooled in your state.

      The fact is you can't admit that what brian did is wrong and at no time in the history orfracing would that have ever gone on and been allowed. Not in a real series at least. Next it will be ok to arm bar guys in the 100 yrd dash in the olympics right?

      Get my point now. If your gonna suspend Kyle then Brian should have been pulled off the track at the least!!!!!


    • Just curious! What the hell is your point here?? Let’s use your logic and say my son was in our front yard with a football. A guy driving by decides he wants to tackle the ball carrier and it’s all perfectly legal so long as he doesn’t chop him below the knees or initiate head to head contact as far as the NFL is concerned. LMAO
      NASCAR, NHRA etc. etc. ....the dirt track ovals, open wheels etc. all have rules applied to their sport. The DOT has no jurisdiction on a sanctioned sport with established rules; but the La Porte Police Department will undoubtedly have something to say about the idiot that tackled my son.

      Go ahead and drive by my house and intentionally cause a wreck. All I can say is you'd best hope I'm not home at the time!

      The initial post on this thread had me wondering if "Cadbury" was hangin' around.

      Rubbin' is racin'...and racin' is rubbin', that's nothing but a compilation of the history of this "contact" sport. If you don't like it, move over to Tiger Wood's board.

      I expect that we will respectfully agree to disagree on this topic.

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      • This post makes little to no sense? No the DOT has no jurisdiction. But vehicular homicide is a law and so is involuntary manslaughter. Both of which Carl and NASCAR could have been subject too in AMS last year if the worse happen. That is my point. I'm sorry you have trouble following. you are right Rubbin is racin, I fully believe that. So if you call what brian did racing you need to stick to wrestling because I bet in no other racing series would a move like that be allowed. Carl's move was intentional the video and his words would have left racing to keep his back against the wall.

        I say let the boys race and set the idiots who like to wreck people on purpose sit at home and watch a race or 2. No matter who they are. It is racing not demolition derby.


    • Well Motor i agree with you on this one!! good post,well said lol dan

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      • gonna let drivers speak out? LoL what an idiot, Kes said what we all think and he got fined. Wrecking someone intentionally is stupid and should not be allowed in a sport. It is dangerous and stupid. When acts like what Brian did go unpunished they make themselves illegitimate. Yet Kyle was suspended??? He uses the championship as an excuse? mmmmmm wasn't Matt in the hunt and had his shot ruined? Geee sounds almost the same as Kyles.


    • Wrestling is fake??? Damn it!!!! LOL!!!!!

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      • What I fear is all the kids who watch racing getting a license and acting like Carl or Kyle behind the wheel. "What you cut me off, Take this!!" Wait I've done that before. My Favorite move is to get in front of a woman doing her make up and watching my mirror. Every time she goes for the eyes, tap on the brake lights. LoL. I've sent plenty of women in to work looking like hell and pissed off. LMAO!


    • -MoToR i agree with your post, well said


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