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  • WacoWarrior WacoWarrior Oct 27, 2011 10:00 AM Flag

    Knaus Told JJ To Wreck Car

    But can NASCAR penalize for the conspiracy to cheat???...NASCAR didn't actually "catch" the 48 team cheating...just conspiring, kind of...

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    • Chad's smart, not stupid. I don't believe for a minute that the car was set up in any way that violated the NASCAR template rules, tolerance rules or whatever you want to call them. The race was a make or break race and he didn't want some petty technicality ruining their day if they did indeed come out on top. They passed pre-race inspection and Chad was just covering his bases in case they did win that race. There's so much bumping and sliding going on I can understand how something could be knocked up or down a tad during the race.
      NASCAR just needs to suck it up and understand he was just basically doing his job. Intentionally damaging the rear of your car after a Dega race to eliminate the chances for a "freak incident" created tolerance violation shouldn't be penalized, it should be applauded.
      It's chase time man. No way does NASCAR sanction the 48 team cheating any more than any other team, but they weren't cheating, so no fine.

    • i don't really see how...or why..


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