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  • Da Goat® Da Goat® Oct 8, 2011 11:08 AM Flag

    Never ceases to amaze me...

    ...how some people bash the wisdom of certain posters, and act like they are talking to God himself with others...

    And they have to look the answers up on Google!

    Cracks me up!

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    • It no longer matters bro...

      I slapped an "Iggy" on the problem, flat out sick of the shit...

      Ya know?!?

    • Hey Einstien.....Whyyy, ZoomaWhatever and several others are Pritzi.....which if you ask her, I'm sure she would admit.....you have things exactly reversed.....I haven't used a fake ID since "Hellboy".....oh, and do you mean "leave you out of it" like you've "left me out of it" here......hypocrite neck!!!......your pal Mojo

    • What in the world are you talking about?????

      What ever it is don't entice it......

      Chuck Norris made an armless man tap out.


    • I've always had trouble wording my thoughts correctly, thanks for the help Pritzi!

      People always tell me I talk down to them, I do not intend to, it just appears that way... I know what I'm saying, just not relaying it properly.

      I've been speaking English for 48, going on 49 years. Wouldn't you think I could do it right by now...?


    • LMAO Da Goat!!! Time for us to call NASCAR & the Networks & let them in on our discovery!!! LOL...just playing with ya but glad I was able to help in explaining your point...LOL, it may have taken several months but we got there :)

    • Valid point, but... Way ahead of you kid!

      That is my point on the molecular structure of today's racing fuel. Ethanol takes up more space than fossil fuel, and with the fuel cells measured in volume not by weight... Less fuel by volume contributes to less mileage per fuel load. Add to that fact the fuel used to bring 4.5 miles per gallon, it is now reduced by .15%... Or roughly 4.1 miles per gallon now.

      We did it! Finally the point I've been trying to make since mid summer has come to light!

      My work here is done...


    • Gonna freak you out even more with this fact Da Goat that you WON'T hear NASCAR or the Networks talking about because it is way TOO Controversial & it happened in 2011 ALSO!!! That was the introduction also of the use of Ethanol...and keep in mind it is American Based Ethanol!!! NASCAR joined partnership with NCGA (Nat. Corn Growers Assoc.)....it was to push the issue of cleaner fuel & American Farmers for economy reasons as well for jobs...if you catch my drift for good PR. However, numerous studies show that use od Ethanol reduces fuel mileage by atleast 15%....that is a big deal to NASCAR teams...all their playbooks for all the tracks & fuel mileage was thrown out the window with the introduction of Ethanol this year...I'm telling ya 2011 has been a nightmare for teams & fuel mileage!!! LOL...maybe 2012 will be better

    • Ok Da Goat, I need to think about that 1 further & get back to ya. Right now I am even more pissed off that the Catch Can Man is gone because we all know he also made chassis adjustments on the car & I could use that right now for Carl!!! LOL :)

    • point is...3 seconds were added to steps from the Gas Man getting 2nd can which previously had been used for dropping fuel when the Catch Can Man was in place...the crew team is down 1 man & it is costing time on pit row...period

    • Wait a minute MoToR...those 3 seconds were part of my initial arguement. The elimination of the extra crew member (Catch Can) forced the Gas Man extra seconds by having to go back to wall for the 2nd can. We know the full fuel can drops initial gas faster then he pull away the can & receive the 2nd can immediately from the Catch Can man for the 2nd can fill of fuel & faster drop rate of the full can & then after the exit from pit row, calculate the actual fuel the driver received. Teams know that a "wasted" 2-3 seconds are being added to fuel drop from the elimination of the Catch Can Man & consequently it is affecting the fuel mileage race increases...Sorry if this doesn't sound as well written out as it should be....I'm watching the race & flipping channels for footballl....LOL :)

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