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  • MoToR® MoToR® Sep 26, 2011 11:06 AM Flag

    Are you starting to believe me?

    I have told a few people on NN and I'm sure in posts out here, how Keselowski was going to top ten and top 5 this chase for a great finish this year. So far 2 for 2 in top 5 finishes. Mark my words, Paul Wolfe is going to be the next Chad Knaus. Together with Kes they are going to be a force in this sport much like Jimmie and Chad have been. I know I have been the biggest supporter of Brad's and most of you just figured it was all fan support that lead me to say the things I have said. Now as he has moved from 25th to 3rd in what might be the shortest time frame for that kind of increase. I think I may be making a believer some of you guys out there.

    For those of you who said last year he would not even get the Blue Deuce in victory lane this year. All I can say is "HA!!!!!' Man that Pterodactyl can fly. LoL.

    Go Kes!!!!!

    I just love it when a driver makes me look smart!


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    • How about now? LoL.


    • Sometimes even I think you are a little full of yourself bro, then I realize you are about 98% accurate with your predictions, and spot on most of the time!

      The big boys need to boot a couple of the eggheads they have talking the usual garb on race weekends and reserve a seat for someone as you and your funky glasses to enlighten folks on what is really going on in NASCAR.

      Maybe that's it... Maybe its that vertigo headgear!


    • I think that he had a screw loose and hitting that wall in Atlanta knocked some sense into him.....jk.....lol. Seriously, they are a formidable team and have made a dramatic turn around. I saw him as a top 20, but would not have put him in the chase.

      Paul replacing Chad is some big shoes and I doubt they have that kind of success, just because the chance of anybody doing it are not likely. However, they are as good as anybody right now and that is all that matters. They could bring home the gold yet this year. Still we know that it is not over til the fat lady sings and comers still have to beat Chad and JJ. Don't count them out just yet.

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      • I say it now so that when you start seeing continuous top 10's and top 5's coming from him you will go "Damn SOB he was right." LoL. I think Paul has got his configurations figured out pretty quick. Kes being in the car and learning it's differences the year and some odd races prior to paul, has helped get them here. I see Kes being like a Matt Kenseth that wins. Very consistent!!! 6 out of last 8 races have been top 5's. When you can do that under extreme pressure (getting into the chase from 25th place.) they are proving that they can get it done.

        Unlike Chucky B, I live or die by my words. No one out here can say they have made calls that just sound ridiculous and they come true as much as mine. After all do you remember Kasey Kahne and the all star race? I caught hell when he wasn't even in the list, then he didn't drive his way in. I stood strong and who won that year? Thanks fans for helping me by voting him in. LoL. This year I called Carl in MIS having a bad day. Kyle in Bristol Having a bad day. Back to back. They both run good on those tracks consistently. There are lots of them that have come true. More than have not. Something about me putting words on this board maybe.

        HMMMMMM I'm going to find a large sum of money today! LoL lets see if that happens.


      • -lately kes has been driving with more maturity than kurt..lol
        -kes and paul seem to hitting on all 8 cylinders right now

    • Let see them do this year after year first before we can cmpare them to Jimmie and Chad. If anything, his crash at Road Atlanta is probably what helped them. He had to learn to drive differently to compensate for his injuries and found out that he was faster. (Most of his success came after the wreck). I do see him as a threat for the next few years though.

    • kaw kaw

    • You just started to agree with what I said 2 years ago..


    • who would have thought it at the beginning of the season, at least he came into the big time old style, by watching his daddy , working on cars, and learning how to suggest changes or set ups on the car. only bad thing is he will be an A list driver next year

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      • I did think it and told people to watch him after July Daytona. I knew Paul would have some catching up to do with the new car and new geometry of vehicle. In fact that was actually the end of last year. Even I didn't think they would catch fire as hot as they have.

        I saw the heat and that is when I made the call that is starting to look like it could come to pass also. There are more top 5 finishes to make this call come true. After the 1st 2 I feel like this one is close to coming true. 4 or 5 more top 5's and top 10's and I will say "where did you here it 1st?"

        as far as being an A list. That could be an advantage. Many may never use him then. Think of all those points some people will ever get. LoL.



    • even a blind squirrel can get a nut.........granted the whole team is doing great but you cannot compare them to Jimmie and Chad; not yet at least...they need to get better than Kyle Busch's team "consistently" first.

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      • blind squirrel? Have you not seen some of the carzy calls I have made that all come true? Carl in MIS, Kyle in Bristol Jimmie this week.Just to name a few. If I say they will have a bad day the odds are great they will. I am in the high 90 percentile on calls this year calling the ones who will have bad days. I do cheat though. I just call the drivers in my line up. They are where the jinx originates. I have saved a lot of people points by letting them know who shouldn't be in their line up. LoL.

        As far as being better than Kyle. Well the only real consistency with him is the fact he chokes in the chase. I think in 8 more races he will have already accomplished doing that in the chase. Maybe this will be the year Kyle actually is consistent in the chase. I'm thinking he will just wait till late in the chase to detonate.

        I do hear what your saying, but part of calling things is to actually make the call before it happens. I am only giving someone something to use against me later or bragging posts for the future. you heard it here 1st.



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