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  • MoToR® MoToR® Sep 28, 2011 8:59 AM Flag

    Are you starting to believe me?

    I say it now so that when you start seeing continuous top 10's and top 5's coming from him you will go "Damn SOB he was right." LoL. I think Paul has got his configurations figured out pretty quick. Kes being in the car and learning it's differences the year and some odd races prior to paul, has helped get them here. I see Kes being like a Matt Kenseth that wins. Very consistent!!! 6 out of last 8 races have been top 5's. When you can do that under extreme pressure (getting into the chase from 25th place.) they are proving that they can get it done.

    Unlike Chucky B, I live or die by my words. No one out here can say they have made calls that just sound ridiculous and they come true as much as mine. After all do you remember Kasey Kahne and the all star race? I caught hell when he wasn't even in the list, then he didn't drive his way in. I stood strong and who won that year? Thanks fans for helping me by voting him in. LoL. This year I called Carl in MIS having a bad day. Kyle in Bristol Having a bad day. Back to back. They both run good on those tracks consistently. There are lots of them that have come true. More than have not. Something about me putting words on this board maybe.

    HMMMMMM I'm going to find a large sum of money today! LoL lets see if that happens.