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  • fiji fiji Sep 26, 2011 11:46 AM Flag

    Are you starting to believe me?

    even a blind squirrel can get a nut.........granted the whole team is doing great but you cannot compare them to Jimmie and Chad; not yet at least...they need to get better than Kyle Busch's team "consistently" first.

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    • blind squirrel? Have you not seen some of the carzy calls I have made that all come true? Carl in MIS, Kyle in Bristol Jimmie this week.Just to name a few. If I say they will have a bad day the odds are great they will. I am in the high 90 percentile on calls this year calling the ones who will have bad days. I do cheat though. I just call the drivers in my line up. They are where the jinx originates. I have saved a lot of people points by letting them know who shouldn't be in their line up. LoL.

      As far as being better than Kyle. Well the only real consistency with him is the fact he chokes in the chase. I think in 8 more races he will have already accomplished doing that in the chase. Maybe this will be the year Kyle actually is consistent in the chase. I'm thinking he will just wait till late in the chase to detonate.

      I do hear what your saying, but part of calling things is to actually make the call before it happens. I am only giving someone something to use against me later or bragging posts for the future. you heard it here 1st.



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