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    Bless your heart...you had to go through hell & back again trying to give Mojo the benefit of the doubt a 1000 times. Women, we like to try to understand why they act the way they do when men will just wash their hands of them from the get go....Not Women...we are wired differently & I didn't help matters either. I get it now...talk to others & he thinks you have turned on him. You really have paid your dues out here & then some...JMO

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    • do they have turtles in the fatherland....lol

    • Ed be quiet, I'm trying to get this gig. Go on Joanie, as you were saying?.............. I didn't see anywhere in there where Turtles eat Onions, but they do sometimes.

    • Yeah, and Joanie would never add turtles into the sauce like Benny would!

    • What about me? I was never a NAZI!

    • I was giving you insight into my twisted brain. Most on here know I will jump into any fight and make my point. most of the time I make people call me gay when I challenge someones Ideas. Everytime someone try's to insult me by calling me gay. I laugh because I know I won. To survive you have to be sure of yourself and what you know. when you are sure of yourself nothing anyone else says will hurt. Only the truth really hurts. That is why you should never bring your problems to the board. as I said they can and WILL be used against you. use my WGAF approach and you will find this board to be more fun then you can imagine. just don't try to get in over your head. anything you say at any time can and will reappear one day. Right Curse? LoL.


    • no you did not piss me off. I just chose to stay out of the drama. (I know everyone is going "WTF") I am just trying to give you the keys to make it. I tried to warn you about this place from day one but you didn't listen.

      Now If you did piss me off, you shouldn't give a sh!t. This board will eat you up spit you out and eat you up again and then Sh!t you out. If i cared about what people thought I would have been gone in a week.

      When all is said and done I like a lot of the posters on here. I have made many friends on here that I have met. Many more I will meet. They all know that is I disagree I will voice it. I love the debates I have with my friends because it doesn't end up with a bunch of gay references. Any one who knows me, knows I find that to be a form of defeat. "I don't know how to beat you so you're gay" Nothing pleases me more then to be called gay. It means I have beat you so bad, you have nothing left but insults. Do you get it now? I have fought with everyone on this board and will fight with them all again. The only one I regret is Joanie. Mostly because I believed some of the things people said to me. Now That I have Cammed with her. I even feel more foolish for ever excusing her of being a guy. How the hell can anyone blame me though. she is tough like a guy. LoL.


    • Pritzi, LISTEN to what MoToR had to say. Listen closely and comprehend please my fair lady.

    • dilligaf....is that what they're calling it these daze......lol

    • I should charge for that info. It is the secret to my success. I call it my WGAF approach, or my DILLIGAFF. LoL.


    • HAHAHAHA jealous are we? STFU!! Nothing about you is beautiful, not your posts and not you. Now move along to a room with a big towel and cry it off!!

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