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  • JoanieReb JoanieReb Aug 15, 2011 1:29 PM Flag

    If Boris Said did that on purpose

    His days a s Road Ringer might be numbered.

    Very, very bad impacts - and screwing up Fellows and Reuti with Ragan - not acceptable.

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    • -R!mZ boris is a pro and will give his best effort to the quy that contracts him to drive his car

    • thats EXACTLY what i said Monday. I said If I was owner of a low budget team, and a driver let a Cup guy ahead of him at the end to get him points, it'd be the last time he drove my car. the man spends huge amounts of money to field a car, that car has as much right at position as any of the other 42. That's like saying the 2-13 Browns should let the 11-4 Pats win the last game of the season because the 11-4 Jets just lost. screw that.

    • -R!mZ when boris was on race hub tonite and was asked about about racing hard he commented i'm hired by mr. finch to get the best finishing position for him and i don't believe he would be wanting me to pull over everytime a cup car came near me

    • bingo....the tail is in the tape, and here's a piece of the tape, annotated!


    • yep, he told boris not to worry about it, wasnt his fault, the 6 came down on him

    • - sorry R!mZ and John saw you posted rousch comments on another thread

    • -Da Goat i believe it was mentioned on race hub yesterday that boris phoned jack roush yesterday about wrecking one of his cars and jack told boris that the spotter did not tell ragan that someone was on his outside

    • Well, earlier in the year, I stated that, IMHO, Kes had shown huge personal growth as a racer and a racing personality, and not only could I no longer hate him, but I was actually kinda liking the guy. Now, he has greatly impressed as an injured winning racer with seemingly awesome attitude. Nature (and my mind) abhors a vacuum (there is a brain eating amoeba joke in there somewhere, I'm sure - but I blame it on the BEA that I can't think of what it is) - So -

      - Boris Said is a whiny, immature, reckless, irresponsible racer with a rotten attitude! ROFLMAO! (if anyone is going to take me to task for that - it's just a joke between Da Goat & me.....or is it? - LOL....)

    • My perspective is this...

      If you strap into a 3800 lb car with 850+ hp, push the elongated pedal harder and more often than the one in the middle, bad things are going to happen with regularity...


    • I dunno, Da Goat - think that brain-eating amoeba might have me a bit addled - that's my New Excuse - for everything, ROFLMAO....try it, you'll like it.

      I've already conceded that Boris was not "at fault".

      I'm also saying, it didn't have to happen...fault or no fault, the same way some people got tired of Robby Gordon's driving when he was a weekly factor in NASCAR, I am tired of Boris's driving. Robby wasn't always at fault, Mikey Waltrip wasn't always at fault, Boris Said isn't always at fault, but they just seem to find the driving drama....and, even if it wasn't "their fault", there were times when a little better/different driving could have prevented an incident.....it's NEVER Boris' fault, as far as I can tell, LOL...but there is still an incident.

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