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  • Pilot Pilot Jul 14, 2011 12:20 AM Flag

    -18 years ago we lost

    -think you have to have trust in person posting the link-if in doubt don't click

    -people are leary cause too many pple reply to posts with a link

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    • True, Pilot - Thanks.

      Wally is one of our most trusted and informative posters, but lately, there have been links in every other post, it seems - and A LOT of it is stuff no one wants to see, and relates to nothing - except perhaps in the mind of the poster, LOL....I've reached the point that when I see a link, it just glosses over in my mind unless it is from a regular poster out here who I know has good stuff!

      Good to see a new "face" out here - hope to see more of you!


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