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  • I've got at least 7 for all of them except AJ, so it isn't that much of a problem.

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    • Right now (and considering that this year I have a knack for picking all the DNF's, I wouldn't listen, myself) -

      I am going 88, 83, 9, 20 - with Montoya also getting strong consideration.

      MIS is one of Joey's best tracks - if not his best - he has an excellent record here for a "B" driver, even when he was not doing well, in general - &, he came in 11th at Pocono - so, he might be rallying. If he is, he will be a start-saver. When he gets back on track (no pun intended), he will good for qualifying points, as he can be an excellent qualifier.

      Vicker's best track.

      KK is uneven - but could be good for qualifying points or as a "fall-back". However, I think JPM's momentum is better, and JPM has been very good pretty consistently of late - and, he has been very good at MIS of late, IF I recall correctly (not looking it up right now) - so, it will be JPM or or KK, unless someone else soars in practice.

      88 - likely top 5, maybe a long-awaited win - who can turn THAT down?


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