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  • RimZ™ RimZ™ Jun 9, 2011 10:21 AM Flag

    Casey Anthony Will Be found Not Guilty

    if the prosecution keeps their terrible work up. they haven't shown one piece of evidence Casey murdered this child. as far as the "shocking" amount of chloroform in the trunk and on the remains, sounds to me like it was put on her body after she died, to make it look like she was kidnapped and murdered. Chloroform has to be inhaled or ingested to affect a human in the way they describe. if inhaled or ingested, most of the chloroform would've dissipated with decomposition, most of it would've been in the bloodstream. as far as the searches on the internet allegedly done by Casey, the defense could argue that her father called her and told her what to search for, he couldn't because he was at work. Sounds to me they were looking for ways to make it look like a murder, not ways to murder Caylee. Remember, in opening statements, defense claims that Casey's Dad helped her cover this up, mainly to keep it from her Mom, who is the main one who blew this wide open to begin with, she wasn't going to let it go, who would? I'm not saying she's guilty or innocent, all I'm saying is the prosecution has to PROVE that CASEY ANTHONY MURDERED CAYLEE. All they've proven is the obvious, Caylee died.

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    • Great observations and calls from the start, Rimz, Kudos!

      As one reporter pointed out Very Shortly after the verdict was given - everything the public knows about The Casey Anthony Case comes from Nancy Grace. And, The Public's Very Emotional Perception was all built by three years of Nancy Grace's Rabid Shrieking about "Tot Mom" - so that The Public could not view the trial objectively.

      You did a great job of that, Rimz.

      Nancy Grace is really nothing but a 21st Century PT Barnum, parading 21st-century freaks before the public with a showman's ability to whip to whip good-meaning rubes into a lather while hanging on her every word.

      I bet every time she sees her book sales, she says, "There's a sucker born every minute". LOL.

      And, someone will likely assassinate Casey Anthony thanks to Nancy Grace's Fine Showmanship.

      Once Nancy got on it, any chance for the case to be solved - or put on trial - effectively was lost.

    • I hope she takes a City Bus to the face as she walks from the Courthouse,and her cunt falls off.That bitch will never live in peace.

    • I can t believe what you said.................sad sad sad

    • lmao mizz......aint that the truth

    • your absolutlry right on this one mizzi

    • I will stick to my claim to the end Even though the state couldn't prove it.She doped the kid,put her in the trunk,went partying,the kid suffocated,she bagged her like garbage and tossed her in the field.karma will get her,she'll have to use her book money for full time security.She'll never get to walk the streets alone.My hope is someone gets to her.She'll get hers eventually.

    • unbelievable!!!

    • Well, I have to admit Benny I almost feel the same way, but your right, heat of the moment.........I truly believe she is guilty....nobody lies about where the hell there kid is for 31 stinking days, stalling your parents, making up stories saying your in Tampa, Jacksonville, etc all the while your kid is already dead and your staying at your boyfriends house. Here is another said thing.............my son lives in Orlando, he said she is hated in Orange County.....he says she will move to the west coast California, and guess what? She will be rich, making more money than anyone on this MB with book sales, move rights, etc...........all the while, she is a damn child killer.

    • but what if she really didnt do it? you gotta figure she may not have-weak evidence and only 10 hours of deliberation-deliberation that short is usually guilty....the jury was apparently pretty damn convinced she wasn't guilty, considering the 3 years of head hunting Nancy Grace did. I hope some solid evidence of the truth comes out that someone else did this, and they convict THAT person. That will give the justice system its due AND Caylee her much deserved justice.

    • I know this is a heat-of-the-moment thing for you Joe, but that's an awful thing to say.

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