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  • RimZ™ RimZ™ Jul 4, 2011 3:33 AM Flag

    Casey Anthony Will Be found Not Guilty

    i doubt it, there are 20 years of appeals after that!

    @Jake-all that forensic circumstantial evidence points to some wrong doing, of course, but not clear murder.That entire family and likely her boyfriend know the WHOLE story, which I don't think is her murdering Caylee...so many things hurt the State's case....just today, Pee Wee Ashton giggling like a school girl at Bozo the Defense Clown (as named on the HLN Unofficial Salem Witch Hunt Page on Facebook), Bozo calling him The Laughing Guy and the jury being removed....it was pretty darn smart for Bozo to ask that Pee Wee not be charged, because that allowed Bozo to finish the Grand Prize Game, while Pee Wee basically had to sit in the corner....had to look bad to the jury when they came back and saw tha, it looked like Pee Wee was the one up the creek, and Bozo was clean as a whistle, and was justified in the comment (as I think he was. Pee Wee completely disregarded the Judge's order to not smirk, laugh or make faces or gestures). Also, the fact the Judge convened the proceedings today upon the defense finishing closing arguments. That gave the jury 14 hours to mull over the defense refuting all of the evidence as not being proof of a murder, whereas had the Judge let it continue, the State would have immediately rebutted the defense closing statement, sending the jury home with THAT to think about and taking away 13.5 of those 14 hours to think about the defense's rebuttal. Also today, the prosecution went right back to murder by duct tape, where they started, but they had gone to murder by chloroform. They can't even decide what the murder weapon is supposed to be.Then there is the fact that Cindy tried to say she looked up the chloroform, and was busted out by her work records. I think the defense did this on purpose, to get to get the State to go off on the 80+ searches for chloroform, when that was totally rebutted by the computer forensic police officer the State wouldn't call because it did not fit their theory, but caused the state to almost embrace Cindy for trying to help her daughter like any parent likely would. This allowed them to go right back to Casey doing the ONE search based on seeing chloroform on her bf's myspace page. The State's case is shot, there is no solid proof to convict on murder. They were too fast to convict, only focused on Casey, when they coulda arrested all of the Anthony's and the boyfriend and gotten the truth. This is one f**ked up family with a buttload of skeletons in the closet, and there is way too much unknown to this story for the jury to buy the State's case. Caylee deserves justice, but because of hap hazard police work and a blood thirsty prosecution, sad to say, i don't think she is going to get it. I want justice for that beautiful little girl as much as anyone, but with the way I understand the court and laws, and this bs evidence, it likely won't happen. The only good thing is Caylee didn't have to grow up with this family of dysfunctional psychos. Her only hope was Cindy, and that's why Cindy was left out of the loop on the truth in the beginning.


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