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  • GMgirl29 GMgirl29 Mar 29, 2011 6:00 AM Flag

    Congrates Kevin!

    Harvick is totally Awesome Man! What an Excellent Finish!!! Congratulaions 29 .

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    • Just as long as you appreciate my showing you the ropes of Nascar, tombo.....I'll keep filling you in on what's happening at the track, buddie......I know you have a thirst for my knowledge of Nascar, and I don't mind teaching you about the sport....I'm glad you have developed an "open mind" about Kyle Busch being a main player in the sport now....I know you don't like the guy, but you finally have accepted him as a superstar of Nascar....it's a pleasure the way we post back and forth....hopefully I can give you all my knowledge, then you can become one of us "regs"...as far as really knowing the sport.....

    • tombo-a little advice-don't think its too smart to be making threats to someone on a public message board
      -you could lose your id

      just saying....

    • Mojo Workin?!!?!! That's almost,kinda cute.Not really!Austin Powers got it back,u don't have it.Now .... .... dweeb.

    • man ive had it with your sideways double talk if i ever met you i would stomp your face in!!!!!!!
      you know WTF you do in your posts quit bein an idiot.
      youve taught us nothing bout nascar period!!!
      you dont have the slightest clue as to whats happening on the track.

    • Just how did I bash Harvick???...explaining to you how he won is "bashing", I guess......you have learned a lot by reading my Nascar posts.....I don't mind teaching you the ins and outs of what really goes on in Nascar....I'll continue to make my observations of races, and try to inform those of you that aren't as sure of what is really happening on the track.....and hopefully tombo, you will become someone that knows what really happens on the track.....have a nice day, bud........


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      • Simply a "circumstaintial win"....akin to a "rainout win".....the folks Harvick passed were "points" racing....Harvick was "crash or pass" racing.....absolutely nothing wrong with it....it is simply what happened....sure, it entertained fans....and if you didn't understand the real scenerio....thats understandable....to the unimformed fan, that is....ALL DRIVERS DO THE SAME THING NOW AND THEN....you can bet JJ and Kyle were thinking as it happened: "go ahead Kevin, we'll race for real, later in the chase"...."we will be there, you are not a lock, like us"...."you have to take points when you can get them".....I mean no disrespect, go ahead and have fun thinking it was a legit win.....BUT, IT WAS SIMPLY A "CIRCUMSTANTIAL" WIN.....


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