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  • MoToR® MoToR® Feb 27, 2011 2:54 PM Flag

    If your using a LAPTOP without a mouse...

    You are correct on the "Yahoo doesn't care." This is a free game and many more are not having issues. It will be interesting to see if this was Yahoo's way of weeding out the yayhoos. By you figuring that yahoo doesn't care, that means you have some intellect about you. Try upgrading your adobe reader and or your active x. It may be a problem in one of those programs in which Yahoo has no control over. Good luck!


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    • You're missing the point. Why is this game "free"? Because Yahoo wants to have as many users as possible to justify collecting advertising revenue for that aspect of the content on these pages. They should care if folks are going to leave, because ultimately that can impact their income.


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