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  • What the hell is the point of the bench in fantasy racing???

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    • It's so you can pick 8 drivers before qualifying/practice & choose the best four out of those. Daytona is odd because qualifying/practice takes 2 weeks. When they race at Phoenix this weekend, you'll have to have chosen your 8 drivers & will only be able to switch between them instead of adding anyone off of the entry list (typically rosters have to be set by 5am est on Friday or something like that).

    • I was actually just asking someone that. I'm glad I saw your post. I mean, if you can swap everyone in and out all week long, with no penalty that I'm aware of, why would you need a bench? The only logical conclusion that we came to was this: Once the drivers lock for the weekend (after qualifying), you may still be able to swap out starters for bench guys. Say Johnson was your starter, and Stewart was your bench guy. Johnson goes into Phoenix, crashes in practice, and posts the worst qualifying spot, then presumably you could swap Stewart in at the last second for him. If I'm incorrect, then there is absolutely no point in having a bench.

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      • One more thing........remember once you set your lineup and pick your 8 drivers just before qualifying, and then the field qualifys for the pole...........you can't drop any of those drivers and go into the racing "pool" to pick any more drivers....you are stuck with those 8 drivers..........you can only swap between your active drivers and your bench..........maybe this explains it more and why you need a bench.

      • Sam......I'm having a hard time understanding what your trying to say. Bench does matter....remember Daytona is a different race, no qualifying. I'm sure you will understand this more after this weeks race, because they will pretty much be all the same with qualifying deadline. Before each race, you must activate a squad of four starting drivers on your Team page. This active group of Starters must include one driver from the A List, two from the B List, and one from the C List. The rest of your team members are on the Bench, who don't score fantasy points (except for qualifying bonus points).

        The deadline to change the status of a driver on your team from Bench to Starter is five minutes before the scheduled start of each race (view the complete schedule). If you don't make any changes, your active drivers remain the same as they were for the previous race.

        I will give you a tip on a very good rule to follow. Every Thursday morning or evening, pick 8 drivers, put them in your lineup on how you think they will qualify towards the front of the pack....if any of your drivers finish in the top 4 of qualfying, you get bonus points. Depending on when the race is, most times on Sunday, a few on Saturday night, the day before the race starts............pick your 4 active drivers.........you don't necessarily have to pick any that qualified in the top 4, but you might want too, it's up to you....but remember only active drivers get racing points....this is different than qualifying points. I hope this helped....not sure I can explain it any differently. Good luck.

    • The bench is there only to remind yourself how Stupid You are for leaving them there.

    • It will matter the rest of the year because of qualifying bonus points. Remember, Daytona is the only race none of your drivers get qulifying points. In the top right hand corner on your team or league page, go to rules and scoring.......will explain this to a tee for you. Hope this helped.


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