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  • Eric Cartman Eric Cartman Dec 23, 2010 6:19 AM Flag

    Bloviators R' Us

    A record producer walks into a bar. At the piano is a lounge lizard that is playing the most beautiful original songs the man has ever heard. After the set, he approaches the musician and asks him the name of the first song. The man replies, "My wife is a filthy f*******g whore". The producer is cannot believe such a beautiful song would have such a vulgar name. He then asks the name of the second song and the man replies, "Ever had diarehea so bad that there aint enough toilet paper to get all the s**t off yer a$$$?" Again the record producer is floored that such a beautiful melody could have such an obscene title.
    Despite the obvious problems he offers to hire the musician to play at several night clubs under one condition; he must never speak to the audiance. The man refuses but reconsiders when he is offered $250,000 for his services. After a few months things are going well. Then one night after a pee break the musician as returning to the stage when a patron stops him and says,"You know your zipper is down and your dong is hanging out?" He replies" Know it? Hell, I wrote it!"


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