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  • =*=Kope =*=Kope Dec 8, 2010 10:14 AM Flag


    Ohio State vs Auburn is the best matchup in the SWEETEST city! Just Hope i have enough money to drive down and get me some beads n sugar!!

    Oregon will lose by about 20 pts. Didn't Ohio St just beat the same team a few weeks ago? Also proves Stanford might be a pretender IMO.

    Who said TCU will beat Wisconsin? Lmao! Do You watch football?? TCU will have the ball for about 21 out of 60 minutes..
    even if the score doesn't show it.

    This would be the best bowl season in a LONG time (BCS gets lucky again... a disaster was brewing) IF Michigan St was playing Oklahomo in the Fiesta. I'd have flown out and stayed w my son to see that. Now i'm thinking about some Sugar... even if i gotta watch the game in a bar down there, it'd be Stupendous, right?!)
    Oklahomo 63 UC*nt 12 (gayest number of pts i could think of)

    Virgin Tech is playing so well, it's hard to imagine them losing, and they match up up front (how often can You use "up up" in a sentence?) so this is another potential blowout if Stanford can't run the ball. VT will pick off 4-5 passes if the Cardinal (is it a bird or a color and i can't even make fun of the singular noun thing since my HS was Steupenville Big Red, wtf?) where was i? Oh yeah, if the bird has to pass, it's over. Those talons weren't designed for throwing spirals.

    Finally: I have no idea who will win the Sugar because You never know which Tressel team will show up (especially defense) in big games. Wisconsin is a prime example, as i turned that game off after three series. If the Buckeyes get a 1st and goal at the 5 yd line and line up in an empty backfield (like they have against USC, LSU and Wisconsin in big game losses), THE Ohio St UniverCity will be crushed once again. If they line up in the EYE (like they did against Oregon, Kansas St, and Notre Dame in big game wins), it will be a great victory for The Sweater and Dr Gordon Gee will be completely vindicated!

    Wow, think the drugs kicked in? :O)


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