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  • Jim F Jim F Nov 22, 2010 5:19 PM Flag

    Back to its roots (Nascar)

    If Nascar truly wants to win back the fans of this sport they need to not only have at boys reinstituted, but also go back to its roots of the old points system. Anyone who says that it is amazing the JJ has won 5 straight need to look at how many he would have with the old system (he would only have 2) and Jeff Gordon would have a couple more as well. He has won with this system because the system is set up for him to win. Dale Earnhardt would be ashamed if he were still alive and Jeff Gordon should be pissed off as well.

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    • TELL that fag boi francy what the hell that arse hole has done to nascar. Screw them bastards. Let the corporate arse-holes show up to races because they feel 'obligated' and get the fuck outta chicago and kansas and all that shit hole shit! You fucks will never get another damn dollar from me. I'll buy bootleg shit or nothing at all. I will NEVER attend another race again. Francy boi, you are losing your fan base you arse-hole.

    • ya old matt k with robby r used to know how to rack up the leading the lap bonus points

    • That and having a strategy of winning to get the 10 extra points.

    • Boobie-i guess another reason since the chase started that looking at the total points is that when a team knows that they are locked into the chase they sometimes start doing some testing of new set-ups and such things.
      this could affect what total points would look like if there was no chase.

    • It's double edged sward for me. I wanted to see the history. I would have loved to see Happy win it, that would have been a great last race. I tired of seeing one team do so well. Now the history will be about the guy that bet superman.

    • Boobie-i agree jimmie and chad right now and for past couple of years are the best team in nascar.
      to beat them others have to step up their game.

    • thats what im sayin,just think at this rate he could very well have 10 CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS and over 100 CUP SERIES wins.
      you got to give credit where credits due right?
      next year there might be 4 guys in the final race that still wont be able to beat him for the championship.hell they could restart everyone with ten to go and this guy could beat them.
      damn i need to quit i feel like a trader to harvick,johnson did beat my him this year.i should be mad but im not.cause,
      I love NASCAR!

    • Dont look at the points, look at the racing.

      JJ has had 20 or more top 10's every year he raced for the cup.

      He has had 10 or more top 5's in those same years.

      He has never finished outside of the top 5 in points under either points system.

      Any other teams in the last 30 year run 9 seasons like that in a row?

    • they can change it to his 10 worst tracks and id bet the 48 team would have 6 in a row.
      jimmie winnin 5 in a row aint the problem with nascar.if a fan is gonna turn his back on their sport cause their fav. team aint winnin and someone else is,then the NBA,NFL and MLB would have went belly up years ago.
      my favorite driver is harvick but you dont see me trashin the sport cause he got beat by un doubtably the greatest driver of all time.its gonna make me root for him a 1,000 times stronger next year,not say ah the hell with it and cry.i havent cryed once since jimmie won his 5th in a row,actually im excited that im witnessing it while it is happening.this is why i became a nascar fan.to see another great like petty or dale sr. race from the begining of their career,not hear bout years after.
      this should bring in the fans next year just to see who can beat jimmie johnson and the 48 team.france aint as stupid as people make him out to be.

    • yeah i think rusty beat Sr by something like 13 points that year

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