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  • tombo tombo Nov 21, 2010 6:45 PM Flag

    i love nascar

    no matter who is champion,whos the best driver,whos got the most wins.its all about the passion for the sport.it was one of the greatest seasons in nascar for years.
    jimmie winnin 5 in a row aint bad for the sport,its gonna make it more watched to see just who can take johnson out or too see just how many he can win.
    i bet next year nascar will come up for a new chase format just because johnson cant be stopped.
    just wait til next year,do i hear 6 in arow? or can someone else take a whack at it.5 have tried and 5 have failed.
    nascar is the sport we love remeber that, and see ya at daytona!

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    • tombo, an astute observation there. You are right on the money.
      Passion for Nascar is what is what we all have, disregardless of all the "part timers". NASCAR ROCKS!!!

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      • I agree tombo and Benny, and I love NASCAR, just not this shit they are trying to shove down our throats. It's like when the NFL forgot that the entire premise of the game was to not allow the other team to score. They changed the rules to allow higher scoring, and look at them now. A "good" game is 38-35... When a truly great game is 10-7, ya know?

        NASCAR wants to gain fans, and I'm all for it! They just need to listen to why most non fans are just that non fans... You have to have black and white rulings, not well... It is a Hendrick car.. And after all, Rick has brain cancer, or vaginal worts, or whatever the popular disease is this week. Fuck that! You will never convince me that NASDAQCAR isn't looking at the dollar signs and not the health of the sport.

        I love my country too, I just hate it's government... Does that make me an evil citizen? A hater of America? NO! It makes me a person who speaks their mind and isn't going to go "lemming" and go diving off the first cliff we come to with the rest of the herd...

      • nascar rules,wooooo!

    • remeber the song"i love nascar"?
      "its may kind of race,just to see big e back on the track would put a smile on every face,noone drove a car ,quite like earnhardt,vroom,vroom,vroom,vroom vroom,i love nascar"

    • I give you credit you are a dying breed. Look in the stands and you'll see. I predict that the fan base will continue to shrink until tracks start getting dropped and seasons get shorter and shorter. I would say it will go back to being a southern sport but they've burnt that bridge beyond repair. Question? Would you want to pay 15 to 20 million to put your name on a car so that less people can see it than last year? How about 12 to 15 million? Maybe but if the viewers keep dwindling, probably less the year after and so on and so on. I dont see how anything other than less viewing = less sponsorship money and the chopping goes down the tree.
      Am I bitter? Yes I am. But not because of Johnson, heck nascar made all these girly drivers the way they are. I'm mad because I used to moan when a commercial came on because I thought I might miss something and now I can't stand to watch anything more than the first 10 minutes and last 25 laps without thinking spongebob would be more fun to watch with the kid. How can I argue with the kid when she says nascar is boring? I cant anymore!

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      • thats too bad you feel that way.
        nascar is a middle to lower class fan based sport where alot of people cant afford to go and pay bills.so we buy a car or a hat or shirt of our favorite driver and buy the products they sell on the side of their cars.the sport aint goin to dry up.there is billions of dollars invoved in nascar just to sweat over some ticket sales.ticket sales dont pay noone in nascar.it all adds up in the end.
        and i think the way the nba and nfl handle their athletes will ruin their sports before a bunch of honest non criminal,non drug usin,non sexual assulters,non dog killin,non gun shootin,non drunk drivin non killin,race car drivers will ever do.


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