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  • D D Nov 15, 2010 5:18 PM Flag

    I am mojo_lurkin

    sorry if i have given some of you a hard time, but its basically been aimed at one person, others have just seemed to have jumped in the crosshairs at the wrong time.. i dont strive for respect so if i am now "iggied" , so be it... its been a fun ride... i look forward to seeing u all again next season.
    i am dizzy, i am mojo_lurkin, i am The Wiz, i am ullkoold, i am Dee Eugene, I am Dizzy me, i think thats it, i could be missing one or two..oh well... i came on this board with a bang, figured i might as well go off with one. I have been here for years, but only started conversating on here this year. my real name is Paul and I am ranked 31 in the world, now yall have fun with ur bashing of me, i look forward to it. good day.


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    • AND MoToR comes out of turn 4 in the FoxNews Fair and Balanced Dodge.....LOL

      We'll have to see how fair and balanced that car is in post race inspection!

    • Part of enjoying the race is you have to have that one guy you don't like and picking on him. Kyle is "That Guy". Carl too if your me. LoL. If you Really Really like your driver you have to offset it with Really Really Hating someone else. That is how I keep it fair and balanced. LMAO!!!


    • So if Kyle is only half the driver that JJ is what does that make your overly hyped, one hit wonder Kevin Harvick???

    • yep its more than just a guy drivin a car.

    • Da Goat-you are right championship is decided by points,if points are tied drivers with most wins is the champ.

      clint b win % is 2.22%

    • wally- When was the last Cup awarded by wins...?

      I believe it is awarded by points isn't it? And if so, you're leaving Clint Bowyer out of your equasions there sir...

      Just sayin'...

    • tombo-they are all pro drivers.
      remember at each race it comes down to car set-up ,pit crew performance,drivers error,blown tires,taken out by someone and feedback from the driver to crew chief as the track changes during a race and making the right ajustments.
      if everything works out maybe a win or top 5 finish.

    • kyle b is not my favorite driver and i don't proclaim he is the best in nascar at this time.
      my opinion of kyle is he is a very talented driver who want to win every race he is in(he does not big picture race yet).
      when and if he learns that(big picture racing) and learns to control his emotions i can see him winning a lot of races and maybe even a championship.
      to me he is very passionate about driving and "can" drive and at the moment i think he is good for nascar.

      i respect "all" the drivers in nascar because they are all talented
      professionals who can do things we only can dream about.
      you will never hear me running down a driver(unless he wrecks someone i have picked on my fantasy team-lol)

      why don't we just enjoy the racing

    • honestly with the last three seasons without a win and bein 19 in points last year,yeah he is below average.but,he is on his way back up to were he should be for his amount of talent.
      him and busch are both very good drivers.

    • i dont need to keep goin back and forth with this.its plain and simple,as of now kyle is not the best in nascar.when you got guys like johnson and gordon how can you even start to talk about an average driver bein the best when all the numbers show he aint.
      until the numbers show he has the most wins, championships, win%,and so on,will he be viewed as such.

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