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  • daniel daniel Nov 6, 2010 8:04 PM Flag

    Can ot Worms

    ok i'll open the can of worms. reg.ing cup drivers racing in the lesser series. Tombo has won me over on his five starts theory. But how do you keep a owner from driving is own stuff?? Kyle owns a truck team, K.Harvick going big next year in nationwide if you limit them why not R.Gordon in the cup series?? like i said just wondering.

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    • sadler should do just fine in that series after tryin to compete at the cup level for so longwe may have the problem with him next year winnin races and maybe a champuionship.thats more his skill level.its the opposite of what is goin on with cup guys not movin on from nw and truck series after so long of not runnin in the top 30-35 its time to go down level like how m. waltrip drove circles round the tracks for 20+ years without a win.let fresh faces in the sport,it goes both ways like that.
      nascar should govern its sport a little better.in most "pro" sports they let go of players after so long of not performing to the leagues expectations,except for farve,to keep its fans interested in the sport.

    • ok Tombo on K.Harvick
      what makes you think if Sadler isn't in the top five after three races Kevin won't fire him?? like he did with his pit crew or take someone elses crew. it's about winning @ all costs. sorry i know it hurts to hear anything bad about K.H but i'am out of picks for him in fantasy!! lol agree/disagree good chat to night!!

    • nascar needs to make it less appealing to cup level drivers and sponsors.sponsors in the lower series would get better air time if guys like busch and them wasnt stealing the show.there are some good drivers not getting to drive cause they want to play.nascar has got to seperate the three series cause they are completely different skill levels of nascar.it would be like brock lesnar wrestlin high schoolers.

    • its just hard to watch those two series for what they are worth with someone like busch,an overqualified driver,takin candy from a baby.i pick on busch cause obviously hes been doin the most unessecessary drivin in the weaker levels.
      sponsers dont need kyle busch to make a fool out of the truck and nw series drivers when they got him doin that to himself in the cup series.
      kyle drivin his own truck to keep sponsers and stuff is a sorry excuse too.does he have to take that away from them guys too?thats all they have and he is just doin it for fun.harvick got a real team goin with many different driver teams. kyle put together his just for a hobbie,for play time.not for the sport of it.

    • that sounds good to me if its points only, other wise what do they get out of it for thier sponsors and money to keep the team going? like everyone has said they bring the fans in.

    • sorry,don't know what's going on with the double messages

    • Daniel-let they race but don't count their points in the NNW

    • Daniel-let they race but don't count their points in the NNW

    • you know i think the cup team owner like it when cup drivers are in the NNW series.that way they are a measuring stick to see how the up and coming drivers react.look how kes raced when cup drivers were in the race.the cream will always come to the top.look where it got him-a penske ride.the up and comers don't have to win but put in a good showing-take stenhouse,bayne,buscher,etc.they show they can race with the cup drivers.
      than when they move to cup they again have to prove themselves in a cup car,if they they stick if not bye bye.

    • the option to drive is there but not required.most cup guys pass to allow rookies to have rides.

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