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  • I have been smoking for almost 30 years. I recently bought a vapor cigarette or E cig as some call them. I have wanted to quit for many years, but as many of you know it is not a very easy thing to walk away from. I would slowly cut myself back and would get down to 1/4 pack of cigs a day. Only to decide that I would go to a party and BOOM!! back to over a pack a day. It is so much easier to be hooked then walk away. My wife (who was much more determined to quit than me) bought a 2 pack of these Awesome Vapor E cig's. I wasn't over excited about them. When we received them on Thursday we charged them. Friday I messed around with it, often saying "it's an awesome buzz between cigarettes." By Saturday I had to go to my brother in laws to help get ready for the Hallows eve party we are having. Chopping wood for fires and building the stage for the band to play on. Normally I would have chewed through a pack easy on a day like that. I smoked 9 cigarettes. For me that is amazing!!! at almost a pack and a half a day. I didn't even realize I did it till I counted later that day, Stunned by the amount of smokes I had left. Yesterday I only smoked 6 regular cigarettes and was drinking Jager last night. I did 6 Jager bombs ate dinner and then said Hmmmmm I think I'll treat myself to a real smoke. So I did!! 6 real cigarettes all while drinking. Need I say anymore? I am still smoking on the pack of cigarettes I opened on Saturday morning. That is completely unheard of. As I look in it now I have 3 cigarettes in the pack that was opened on Saturday.

    I'm not really trying, it is just happening. I could just put them down and not sweat it too badly. Yes I am just substituting one for another. The nice part is I don't have to go outside to smoke, No matter where I am. I can see a difference in the dust level in my house already. I won't be burning my car or clothes anymore. Refill bottles that are suppose to last 2 weeks will only cost $8 No it doesn't taste the same but it is not that far off of what a real cigarette tastes like. I'm not filling my lungs with tar to cause cancer and I feel great (not ready to kill everyone around me) So if you are tired of smoking or just feel the need to give it up for health reasons or the expense of it all. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND looking into the E- cigs. They are doing a great job for me. At $88 for 2 E-cigs and 4 large and 4 small bottles of liquid, after 1 week they will pay for themselves. It would cost me over $100 for one week for smokes for me and my wife. So whether it is for health or expense reasons you would be crazy not to give it a try.


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    • 7 months. woo hooo. I will admit this last weekend I did smoke 2 packs of cigarettes. (Correction 1 1/2 packs. I jumped in the ocean with a half of a pack. LoL) I was with a bunch of smokers and partying my @$$ off @ Tybee Islands. (More Stories to come from that venture. LoL) I have complete control over it. Something I never had before. There are days I lose track of it because I am using it less and less.

      If you haven't tried one you should. Here is a quick math test to show you why. @ $5.00 a pack over 7 months (216 days) -$120 (estimated cost over the same period) What is the savings?


      Need I say any more?


    • over 1 month and still cigarette free. I did buy a pack of shorties (Marlboro 72's) when we went to see Roger Waters. Only because everyone one I was with was a smoker. My wife figured that was it, it was over. Nope! Smoked them and the next day my wife asked me if I needed another pack. I laughed at her.

      With Christmas coming up this is a gift that should be on all smokers list. Menthol smokers have a little harder time with these because the menthol flavor tastes like Doublemint. The RY4 flavor is getting my wife past smoking finally. She just started right before Thanksgiving. We are mixing her a RY4 and coffee blend that she likes. Even I am playing with flavors now. Being I don't smoke anymore I can actually taste food again. So I started blending cream and tobacco flavor. The tobacco flavor gives the cream the bold flavor it lacks by it's self. I have put some apple in it too. Tastes like apple pie filling. Cherry gives it a maraschino cherry taste. We will be experimenting with other flavors in the future.

      The 1st week is hard but after a month I don't miss them. Well ok, I do still think about them, but I'm sure I always will. I never met a smoker who didn't want to quit though. This product will help them achieve their goals. The E-Go from Awesome Vapor.

      No I don't get any kick backs from them. I just know a lot of smokers want to quit, but it is hard to do. I know, I wanted to for many years. Until my wife decided that we were going to try this thing, I never knew it could be so easy. If you can't quit with this you will never quit.


    • i smoked for 15 years until the day they cut a glob of cancer out of my throat.that was july 2009

    • I've seen them advertized and thought them just another gimmick. Thanks for the info.I'm going to try it.

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      • I smoked at a party on hollows eve and since Saturday night none. It was one of the 3 packs that were bought the Saturday before so for 2 weeks I haven't bought any cigarettes. My E-Cig has paid for itself in no cigarettes bought. I still crave a Cig once and a while but I just puff a few times on my E-Cig and forget about it.

        Everyone who knows me says they never figured I would just quit like that. I will say I tried some other flavors a friend had and I wouldn't have done it with another kind. The taste is just a bit different on some of the others my friend had.


    • I tried one, those things take forever to melt in your mouth,plus I think I had a hair in mine.

    • Ive seen those E cigs but have never heard anyone talk about using them, but after hearin Motors testimony, I will try it. Smokin sux, my health has suffered since i started over 10 yrs ago. And it isnt easy to quit, Thanks motor. I will keep u guys updated.

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      • See what you started MoToR..lol....you got us all thinking about it.I`m alittle short right now and want to give it up. Getting older is hard enough let alone not breathing very good. I too have smoked for about 25-30 years or so and its becoming a "drag" always having to make sure you got them when you leave the house so you can light one up when you get into the car .

        In the winter you can really smell how bad they are.And the money you spend on them,ima going to have to ask Obama for a raise. LMAO !!!

    • Good job. I do not smoke or drink, I work out a lot and eat healthy and feel great always. Hopefully you will stop the smoking alltogeather and maybe cut back on the drinking as well. That lifestyle really affects you after 30-40 years and then it may be too late to change the effects to your body. Stay healthy and around to enjoy your grandchildren at least; if not for yourself. 90% of the older people I know regret the choices they made when thy were younger. Just an FYI to everyone out there...

    • FU@K that backseat! I already called shotgun...


    • I plan on it. It is plainly out of necessary reasons. They are just damn expensive. I could never cold turkey, cheaper to smoke. I would kill someone if I just quit. Cheaper to smoke then pay a lawyer. LMAO!

      This is making it easy the next trick will be reducing the amount of nicotine I take in an break away from this thing. That may be a little harder to do. It will come in due time though, baby steps.


    • I say I like too but I need to work to earn a vacation. Something the construction industry isn't doing much of.

      I did want to add that I passed the morning test. 0 cigarettes today. 2 full packs on my desk. It is taking will power to not open them damn things. After almost 30 yrs of smoking I went an entire day with out a cigarette. So I feel pretty good that my smoking days are going to be over. It will be rough for a few days, No where as rough as any other way I tried to quit smoking.


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