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  • MoToR® MoToR® Oct 4, 2010 8:55 PM Flag

    Feeding the beast!!

    We all love a good wreck. That is good for us. Paybacks are a way now in Nascar. Pandora's Box is opened. Reuti Called their bluff. He knew Kyle was at fault and so he paid him back. No denying that from him. What happens? They call it racing. LoL. So the beast has been fed. We know can look for those rivalries to show up on the track. Chaser and non chaser alike.

    This is the new product NASCAR is selling. "Wreck em Boys we need the viewers." I love to see a good wreck and watch the driver walk away. We have seen plenty and Nascar thinks the tank is invincible. We are about to see the new product. All I can say is let Kes off probation he did nothing. We want to see that one flare up again.

    Wrecks get news time and water cooler chat. That is what they want. So wrecking will be a big part of racing. You better play fair or someone will take you out. That is the new law in the land. Love it or hate it the beast has been fed and you can't just unfeed him now. He will have a growing appetite, now that Pandora's box has been opened.

    I'll still buy what their selling even though I know where this can lead, and eventually will. Entertain me Nascar I'm bored!!! I'm done arguing that wrecking is not racing, lets have at it boys.


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    • NASCAR won't allow too many of these to happen. Lives are at risk. People do want to see the wrecks and buy into this. Hell I even love a good wreck.(more fingers for me).............. Even with helmets a head injury is still possible and equipment failure is too! So it is just a matter of time before the death of a racer comes around (or spectator) and if history repeats itself then it is close to happening again!

      Chaser or non-chaser should not matter. A race is a race and a true racer wants to race start to finish........... Now for the "big money corporations" they want to spend as little money on these back of the pack cars as possible........ So they will fight with NASCAR to get involved in such dangerous acts of violence...... And as far as a racecar being considered a "Weapon" ....I am not sure that it is.......... more like a punching bag if you will.

      All in all YES the drivers should take matters into their own hands, but only if they own most of their car.......... If I had a big $ TEAM with extra cars, sure I could lose a couple of cars and still have a big $ TEAM...... But for those who can't lose a couple of cars are gonna be hurting at that point.... Does anyone know how long an owner will agree to lose money?? When will they say enough you are FIRED!! Or even your contract is up and you're a risk factor and nobody wants you...... go drive a local track on your MCD's job.(which won't hire known violent people) Hell by getting rid of a contracted driver may be worth the buy out just to save money in the long run !!!

      Enough rambling here............. Checkers or Wreckeres !!!

    • I think that Newman wants to prove he should have been in the Chase by doing better than Clint - and perhaps some others - AND, he wants that one million for 13th place. He HAS been "recklessness run amuck"! I like that.

      And, Harvick - much as I like him - is not what I'd call a "clean racer" - remember when, in the truck race, he and Ron Hornaday were both running Kevin Harvick, Inc trucks - Hornaday was driving for Kevin - and also in place to win the championship, and -

      When Ron was running first and Kevin second, Kevin ordered him to move over and let Kevin pass him to take the lead (for the win), ROFLMAO! (Ron refused, and won the race.)

    • i think youre right,its too late for this season

    • I can see NASCAR "revising" their have at it speech, although probably not until next year. It is what it is for this season.

    • Now that the box is indeed opened and the beast has been fed, there is nothing they can do to stop it. fans love it, and as long as there are people who watch to get drunk and watch cars wreck this is who they will cater too. wins do not get enough buzz to keep the talks going but who needs to wreck who or who wrecked who will keep a conversation going and keep people talking. it's all about the buzz generated. Fairness was thrown out a long time ago. This is what it has come down too.

      Surely someone else on the track doesn't want Jimmie to get 5. Happy didn't keep everyone happy, Denny has made some friends and each chaser has to think about who they can push and who they have to tip toe around. Newman is another prime example of recklessness run a muck. Not a chaser but he might be a spear head for Tony. I think NASCAR Backed them self in a corner. They said they were staying out and it is too late to go back now.


    • It could be more that 2 laps.

      i'm sure its the whole nature of nascar thinking the COT is bulletproof that the changed to this position.
      mark my words sooner or later someone will be killed by retaliation and i think nascar will be open for a hugh law suite by the drivers family

    • And two laps for retaliation won't deter a driver who is more than 10 laps down due to what he wants to retaliate for....

      NASCAR DID rein them in around the beginning of the decade, perhaps this experiment has not gone on so long that it will be difficult to rein them in again.

      There has never been a time without SOME retaliation and helmet-throwing....but, it WAS curbed for several years...

    • the people on competition panel are ususally made up of former experienced drivers and other knowledgeable people who would have access to tapes to review the incident and make the judgement

    • Then you would have the powers that be making decisions based on who you are and who your team owner is...

      It will never work now that they said "Have at it boys!"

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