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  • KillerToad KillerToad Sep 24, 2010 10:31 PM Flag

    Opem letter to nascar

    This penalty to Bowyer is the last straw for me. I am not a Boyer fan and have no personal alliances toward or against him either way. He seems like a nice guy and I hold no animosity against him, though I could care less where he finishes every week.

    What nascar did to him this week is an absolute atrocity. His car passed pre and post race inspection. Say that again. His car PASSED pre and post race inspection!!! he was warned before the race that they would get checked on Tuesday no matter where they finished. They knew they would get checked so they made triple sure that everything was right.

    They ran out of gas after the race and were pushed by a 2 ton truck to the winners circle after the race that could easily explain the sheet metal bending. Sixty-thousandths of an inch to be exact.

    Once again.... they PASSED pre and post race inspection.

    Nascar wanted to find something wrong with him so they did. I'm done. This league is now on the same level as WWE in my mind. Fixed finishes, arbitrary fines depending who you are, crooked owners. This isn't a sport, it's a travesty. A fallacy. Sports entertainment for us who like racing.

    I'll stay in the league but I'll never take this fake sport seriously again. I like hanging around you guys and will still be happy to talk trash with you, but this joke of a fake sport is dead. You have a better chance of a clean race playing Playstation 3. At least there we know who the hackers are.

    Bye nascar. My eyes have been opened to the ugly fat chick you are. Have fun getting buried by the NFL and MLB. They have their scars but at least they are real sports.

    You stopped being one years ago

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