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    Weigh N MoToR....


    MoToR, U R A mopar guy....what do U think about the "winged cars"....

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    • I have factory wings on both of my cars. Niether of my cars look right without them. Even the 3000GT I have has one. My daughters car has one and the only vehicle I have in my yard that doesn't have one is my sons grand Cherokee. It just needs bigger wheels. Like maybe some 44's. LoL NOT!!!!

      If you are talking about Super Bee's then I will say I pulled over at a house where use to live just to ask if I could look at it. It was a restore project in progress. Top banana. The guy had owned it since it was new. I'm sure right now that car would bring over $100,000 with out a problem. As for on track I did not watch racing back then. There is a reason petty won alot back in the day. That body introduced aerodynamics to racing and and look at the shape of todays cars. It was about more than a huge wing on the back. I don't know today's super bee's would look right with that giant wing. Being allwheel drive I don't think it would help it at all.

      The old body super bee was one he'll of a tank when you add the rear window change, nose and giant wing to the Polaris body. It still had the muscle to move though. Imagine a 440 six pack or duel 4's in a light wieght body like the cars of today. Can you say broken frame? LoL.


    • "Back in the Day"
      there was nothing better than a pack of 3 to 5 Superbirds & Daytona Chargers running together @ Daytona and Talladega.
      i think Buddy Baker at one time held the speed record for a stockcar with one, on a closed track, at over 200 mph, not sure what track, does anyone remember???


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