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  • OOZING OOZING Sep 22, 2010 8:53 PM Flag



    nascars not in the business of losing appeals.they wouldn't of given such a stiff penalty to a chase driver if they didn't think it would stand.

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    • yeah, im pretty sure that they have already thought about the wrecker pushing the car scenario before RCR thought about it, i would like to see Bowyer remain a factor in the chase but the almighty nascar will always have their way. its always been that way. no way are they gonna have to eat crow, they dont get into the business of losing face.


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      • Darn - I think thet You two are pro'bly right...."NASCAR" would not have made this move unless sure it would stand.

        And, I go back to the Carl Long FUBAR - his engine was originally within specifications, but it was old and second hand, and with time and usage it "warped" and developed a displacement of 358.17 cubic inches – 0.17 cubic inches more than NASCAR allows. And, NASCAR didn't budge.

        On the other hand, they DID give Robby his points back on appeal - but, thet was because of a serial number error by the manufacturer, so there was no way thet team could have known it had an "incorrect" - nose, was it? They were totally covered in showing an "honest mistaken"


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