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  • D D Sep 16, 2010 1:23 PM Flag

    MOJO WORKIN'S farewell post

    Maybe we should chug on over to mamby-pamby land where maybe we can find some confidence for you, you jackwagon.
    Everyone here knows that u are not going anywhere,if anything u'll drop the childish 2,B, 4 crap and still be in here more than anyone else(atleast when school is out). ur not fooling anyone.and if this "MB" has went to so-called shit then maybe its time u looked in the mirror lil man, because mainly its due to u posting stupid shit and then logging in under a different name and then replying to yourself in a harsh way. its bad when u cant even make your alter-egos like u.
    wasnt long ago i seen a post where u were supposably "taking a vote", we all knew that was a way for u to stroke ur lil ego because u got tired of stroking ur lil mojo.frankly,no one gives two-shits about whether u are here or not, for the most part we have learned to just let u be u
    i know, i know, ur thinking,"why is DiZzY messing with me, i never mentioned his name once"well, its cause is that u ,lil fella, are a moron who needs to be told how some of us feel about it all. and maybe ur like me and u could actually care less what others think, if so, good for u. the constant idiocracy just isnt funny, no matter how much u laugh at urself, and yes some of us have laughed too, but lil man, we are not laughing with u, its about decency, and u show none of it.
    if this was the last post of "mojo" then i say good ridance, but i look forward to seeing who u are next because u know like the rest of us that u are not going anywhere, we are probably the only ppl alive that actually talk to u. good luck with ur new name and i look forward to ur next posts as whoever the hell u are gonna try to be next.


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