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    MOJO WORKIN'S farewell post


    This will B my last post on this MB....why? U might wonder... bottom line is...this MB is not really a racing (or NASCAR) board....I thought it was when I 1st started posting...but all it really is, is a "social" network that, maybe, mixes N about 20% NASCAR stuff....it's obvious that the interaction this MB provides most of it's posters....is the biggest part of thier lives...this MB is absolutely necessary to the mental well being of all U misfits...and I mean no disrespect when I use the term "misfits"....but, it's obvious U all meet each other's needs...with your back and forth ego stroking....I honestly believe most of U can't exist N the "real" world....so N the "safe" MB world....your posts "pretend normalcy"....and it makes U feel good....so, in reality, this MB provides a needed service 4 U folks....and that's OK...I, personnaly, just feel "uncomfortable" interacting with all U oddballs....it's obvious that my NASCAR takes R as good as it gets on this MB...but NASCAR stuff is way down the pecking order on this MB...U can't tell anyone past the 3rd grade, that folks like Dale, Tombo, Dee Dubya, JoanieReb and many others don't have a screw loose!!!....they spend 8 or 10 hours a day posting!!!!....and all the sexual inuendos between Joanie and ya all....it's obviously not normal...and MoToR is just flat ill with his desire 2 B thought of as a real hero 2 U folks....Razor plays the role of the "no nonsense" promadonna...and U folks feed thier need... and they know enough 2 stroke U back....this MB is really a haven 4 mental misfits.....again, I mean no disrespect.....I hope U folks have the mental capability 2 realize i'm not being judgemental....this is just how I view this MB....everyone has a right 2 B who they R....U folks R just not my "cup of tea".....NITE NITE 4 EVER....MOJO WORKIN

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Tombo! Keep fighting dude! And Kyle Busch is the man!

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      • Yep, Let's All of Us Keep Fighting.

        I don't want to spend a lot of time on this, but did jest want to point out - We "Regs" get slagged a lot for "not having lives" -

        BUT - we DO! - it's jest the majority of us have "Downsides" to our lives, which we very rarely talk about much here - as we are all high-spirited, smart, and and love NASCAR and jest like to hang and have fun together -

        But, as I've gotten to know the other Regs, I've discovered - Behind our Work-a-Day Lives, and the fact thet most of us are Lively, Busy People:

        At least four of us are dealing with serious, life-threatening diseases (two of them very bad cancers)

        At least five - pro'bly more like eight - of us are - or have been (my sympathies, B.) - taking care of very ill - or, in at least one case, challenged - family members.

        A number of us were caught up in the recession and lost jobs, and struggled with financial problems and families to feed and support.

        We come here, we find other smart, spirited people who love NASCAR, and as we share personally, discover thet the reason we spend time on-line is not because we have No Lives, but because our lives are overwhelming and exhausting, and we cain come her and talk NASCAR, and have fun, and be among friends, or be distracted by drama in some cases...well, whatever.

    • All I got was, " misfits", "back and forth STROKING", "pretend normalcy", "oddballs", (have we met irl?) "sex and Joanie", what is all the other bullshit? Gagger out!

    • wow, i'm glad that i looked over on my picks page, i almost went to sleep and then i would have been stuck with last weeks picks,, close.that might have been bad.


    • I didn't want the job when they gave it to me. LoL.

      Oh yeah don't let the door hit you in the @$$ on your way out. Like we think you actually are going any where. How many times have we seen one of these posts. Hell I think I even wrote one once myself. LoL


    • Will someone please pass me the crayons? Lol!!!

    • Thank you MOJO! I've had a very nice social connection with MoToR, Joanie, RK, Dale, Razor, and all of the others that you have mentioned here. Thank you for your opionion, but it just doesn't matter! We are friends and you could have been one but you have chose not to. That was your choice.

    • honestly dude..you thought it was gonna be your refuge to find the occasional punching bag.....you are the one that came out swinging..not trying to find a racing refuge...we have been known to talk lots of racing..and the folks that really talk racing have moved away due to your lack of respect for your fellow human...I would say that it would be sad to see you go....but alas..it will not...hope with your next profile you can use a little self respect and respect for others than to instantly start attacking folks.

      BTW..IT'S NOT A NASCAR BOARD....it a general discussion board in the racing format....

    • Maybe we should chug on over to mamby-pamby land where maybe we can find some confidence for you, you jackwagon.
      Everyone here knows that u are not going anywhere,if anything u'll drop the childish 2,B, 4 crap and still be in here more than anyone else(atleast when school is out). ur not fooling anyone.and if this "MB" has went to so-called shit then maybe its time u looked in the mirror lil man, because mainly its due to u posting stupid shit and then logging in under a different name and then replying to yourself in a harsh way. its bad when u cant even make your alter-egos like u.
      wasnt long ago i seen a post where u were supposably "taking a vote", we all knew that was a way for u to stroke ur lil ego because u got tired of stroking ur lil mojo.frankly,no one gives two-shits about whether u are here or not, for the most part we have learned to just let u be u
      i know, i know, ur thinking,"why is DiZzY messing with me, i never mentioned his name once"well, its cause is that u ,lil fella, are a moron who needs to be told how some of us feel about it all. and maybe ur like me and u could actually care less what others think, if so, good for u. the constant idiocracy just isnt funny, no matter how much u laugh at urself, and yes some of us have laughed too, but lil man, we are not laughing with u, its about decency, and u show none of it.
      if this was the last post of "mojo" then i say good ridance, but i look forward to seeing who u are next because u know like the rest of us that u are not going anywhere, we are probably the only ppl alive that actually talk to u. good luck with ur new name and i look forward to ur next posts as whoever the hell u are gonna try to be next.


    • 2 true. This board has become spam and slam, not much else.

    • im sorry you feel that way mojo.to let you know ive been watchin nascar since the early 90's ive watched over 500 races on tv,ive got a huge collection of diecast and other nascar items,over a thousand items in all.ive been fighting cancer the last couple years so thats why im able to post all thru the day on days i feel worth a damn to get on the computer.
      i dont get out much anymore so i do like hearing from you guys,especially about nascar.i love the sport and all the drivers.even kyle busch.harvick is my favorite and his success this year has been great therapy for me and havin a group of people that i can talk nascar with is better than any prescription a dr. can give me.
      thank you to all of you who post on the MB.
      too bad your leavin cause i think you have another great view on the sport from a kyle busch fan point of view.there aint many of you around.

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      • Jest had the time to read this, Tombo - I didn't know You've been ill - jest been happy to have You as a great addition to the board!

        We have another Awesome Reg here who is all too familiar with fighting cancer for his life, don't know if You know thet -

        Anyway, thanks for letting us know - you're part of the family, and it is good when family shares! You'll be in my prayers - and a lot of ours, I'm sure! God Bless - and stick around for the next 50 years....or more...,.

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