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  • NASCAR.com/mobile is polling the question, should they revert back to 10 drivers for the chase? My question then would be what would have happened in the last 2 races with 10 locked for sure. This next race is already going to be not much of a deal for chase changes. What if Biffle or Clint was to win it all. Isn't this question premature? I don't thin it matters 12 or 10. Why are they not asking if they should revert to old points system? That poll I would answer with a. Astounding yes! Then every race matters. As it is now there are races for chasers that don't really matter. How long as harvick been locked in? His bad finish in Atlanta meant nothing to him alther than his pay check was smaller.


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    • I think part of the problem is that they foucs way too much on the championship and not enough on the race. Back in the ninties, at least, the focus was soley on the race.

      I remember last year at Richmond, the big focus was on Vickers, Kenseth and Ky. Busch and who would make the chase. I think Hamlin won, but I can't remember.

      At Texas, We saw Johnson wreck early, the rest of the race, his wreck was shown no less then twenty times in replay with the foucs on his contenders trying to capitalize completely overshawdowing the Busch brothers battleing for the win.

      I glad chase is just about set. That way the focus at Richmond will be on who wins the race and not how will the finish affect the championship- standings

    • yeah nascar was on fire after dale died,and has fallen since the chase started

    • The old way was better, simple as that.

    • MoToR, in my opinion we need a playoff system. The one we have now may be flawed a wee bit, but it is 100% better than what Nascar used to have. Nascar just has to tweek it a bit.

      In the old days, a guy like Gordon had such an insurmountable lead with 15 races to go, and that large point lead meant that interest was at 0 for the last 1/3 of the season. Major sponsers do not want this, and I do not either.

      Then there's Kenseth in his Championship year. All he did was bloop along, never trying to win a race but just trying to finish in the Top 10. That Championship year was very boring to me.

      If we did not have a playoff system of some sort, then there would be no aggressive driving at all in the last third of the season. We have to only remember the last few years to see that a Playoff system reaps benefits...Carl's kamakazze move two years ago.....Denny getting too aggressive on the cut over move on the re-start last year & Juan spun him.....Jimmie getting taken out by Sam last year that may have giver Mark Martin the Chase lead at that point. The list is endless and the suspense is endless with a playoff system.

      Some Chase drivers may not try too much with 11 races to go, but they will sure as hell will turn it up a few notches with 10 races to go.

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      • You make some great arguments. I am just glad this post got everyone back to NASCAR. LoL.


      • maybe go back to the old way cause we have to give it to the guy that ran great all year long.maybe have a contender championship for the rest off the top ten but this chase format has ruined what used to be a great championship battle,even if the guy has a lead like harvick does this year thats what the championship is aboutperforming the best all year.
        i think the chase did to nascar what steroids did to baseball,alot of false records.just think as a racer how this has got to be depressing to have it taken away cause people think the the true champion only runs well the last ten races.why even bother with the first 26 races at all.

    • i think they should lower it to the top five after the first 26 races.there is a few guys that didnt have too good of a year.yeah 48 and 11 won 5 races a piece but what else have they done to show they are championship quality.kenseth really the only thing he has done is finished 15 all year.the biff won one race and other than that nothin major.
      i think the [points show who should or not be in the chase and the top five are the only ones.
      i still think they should go back to the old point style,give us our true cup champions!


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