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  • wally wally Sep 8, 2010 12:16 AM Flag

    more meaning for chase lineup?

    right now point standings are-

    with current nascar chase setup lineup would be-
    1-jj with 5050
    2-dh with 5005
    3-kh with 5030
    4-kyb with 5030
    5-kb with 5020
    6-ts with 5010
    7-gb with 5010
    8-jg with 5000
    9-ce with 5000
    10-jb with 5000
    11-mk with 5000
    12-cb with 5000

    myself i think nascar should give about 10 extra points for a win during the year and this would show up on point total at race 26.
    than the rank of the drivers would stay the same after race 26 and give the leading driver after race 25 a 10 point advantage and all other drivers having a 5 point spread between them.
    this would leave the chase start looking like this-
    1-kh with 5060
    2-jg with 5050
    3-kyb with 5045
    4-ts with 5040
    5-ce with 5035
    6-jb with 5030
    7-jj with 5025
    8-kb with 5020
    9-mk with 5015
    10-dh with 5010
    11-gb with 5005
    12-cb with 5000

    my thinking is this would more reflect the drivers performance over the first 26 races to the chase.
    the way it is now the 7th and 10th place driver are ranked 1st and 2nd with the present setup.

    what's your take on this?

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    • The format of the chase did not initially include the 10 points for wins, but was added as folks complained that their wins weren't being recognized enough.

      To give 10 points to a win during the season would not do much as your numbers show, there is no difference in this system and the current points as they stand.

      Tombo's position is that we don't need a chase that we should use the old system. This is obviously objective, though I wouldn't call Harvick dominate. He was certainly the most consistant and one could obviously make a case for him deserving of the championship.

      The old system usually had a champion decided by Sep and the last couple of months had low attendence and television viewership. To combat this problem and compete with the NFL, they instituted the chase. Additionally, it was possible to go the entire year without a win and still be the champion.

      The chase has not been a perfect format, but it has kept interest in Nascar longer than the old format. I see the pro's and con's in both, but would have to give the edge to the chase.

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      • I agree Roush. Before I read your post, I said a lot of your same stuff in another post, so forgive me for that. One thing I would add though is that all Nascar races be held on a Saturday night once the NFL season starts. This is not my idea, but that of "announcerguydrew" from a few weeks ago.

        I would heartily agree with Drew on this Saturday night format.

      • yeah its just too close to call.i just hate seein all that hard work all year long to be taken away and given to someone that raced ten races a little better than the guy that raced great all year long.

    • hamlin is over 400 points out of first,is that really fair he starts the chase ahead of harvick?
      yes he won five races but other than that hes had a bad season.the same with johnson but he too will be placed ahead of harvick.

    • in my opinion the real champion the last few years have been gordon in 07 without a doubt,kyle busch,as much as i dont care for him,in 08 and stewart last year should have been our champ.
      i like johnson but he was about 300 points behind when the chase began most of the years he won.

    • and i think it should only be the top five after 26 races.theres already 31 cars driven around for no reason other than to win anyway why not add a few more that dont deserve to be in the chase.

    • i think something should be done when a guy like harvick has dominated the series all year long like he has and have it all taken away.and given to who?edwards who really hasnt done nothin in two years?kenseth?johnson?im mean really who deserves to be this years champion other than harvick?when we look back on the year and say well so and so did race good for ten races than a guy that was better than everyone else all year long.
      he has almost a three hundred point lead,he is our champion this year no matter what nascar has done to screw it up.

    • If I have this sorted right, you want it to be a 5 point increment per position, then 10 extra points for anyone who wins a race during the year, no matter how many wins they have. If that is the case, I could go with that.

    • sorry on current chase setup dh points should be 5050 not 5005


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